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Shree Narasimhadev Yantra Locket


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This magnificent locket has Shree Narasimhadev Yantra on one side and Lord Narasimha on other side to bless the wearer.

Narasimha Yantra for protection from enemies and negative planetery influences and for blessings of Lord Narasimha who was an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. This Narasimha Yantra is the ideal protective Yantra, which protects from the negative planetary influences and disturbing influences of all sorts. It also works by all kinds of subtle disturbances which are caused by ghosts or negative beings. Also disturbances that come from the elements air and water get decreased. Generally its effect is balancing, neutralizing, protective and strengthening.

Mantra: Aum Nring Nring Nring Narsinghaye Namah Aum

Blessed and Energised