Shri Ram Sita Dhun


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Ram is considered to be the seventh avatar of Vishnu. Ram serve an exile of fourteen years in the forest. Rama slays Ravana in battle and liberates his wife. Ram becomes king of Ayodhya (the capital of his kingdom) and eventually becomes emperor. He rules with happiness, peace, prosperity and justice is known as Rama Rajya.

Rama's courage in searching for Sita and fighting a terrible war to rescue his wife and their honour is complemented by Sita's absolute devotion to her husband's love, and perfect chastity despite being Ravana's captive.

This Magnificent CD bring the whole Ramayana in front of us.

  • Ram Ram Jai Rajaram Ram Ram Jai Sitaram - (By Suresh Wadkar)
  • Ram Ram Sita Ram - (Hariharan).

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