Plain Crystal Mala


SGD 51.77


Origin: Himalayan valley

Highly lustrous mala made of Natural crystal quartz strung in thread comes with silk thread tassel. The clear mala with perfectly round finish is very soothing to wear. The clear radiance adds to the beauty of the serene mala.

Sphatik Mala helps the mind to concentrate making it easy to meditate. It expels negative energy and conduits clear positive energy that heals and invigorates. It also helps to get relief from headaches, obsessive thoughts and lowers stress and tension. The stone, in general works on spiritual, mental, and physical facets. Sphatik facilitates overall flow of energies in the body and on adorning a sphatik mala, one keeps cool and calm in general. A sphatik mala is believed to be beneficial for students as they retain what they learn.

Wearing the mala during meditation or doing mantra chanting with the mala, amplifies the power of the mantra greatly as sphatik acts as a radiator of positive energies. A person finds a deeper sense of spirituality about life in general on adorning a sphatik mala.

Sphatik comes in many grades and the best ones are the clear ones. Selected natural and clear sphatik beads are used to prepare this premium mala.

If you wish any change in thread colour (Red/white/orange), please specify on checkout.

Bead size:  approx. 10mm
No. of beads: 108+1
Length: 44 inches
Design: Round clean polished beads strung in thread and sumeru bead with tassel.

This item is made of 100% natural and untreated gemstone and certificate is shown here. If you need certificate for your individual product, you will need to email us at and pay an additional amount of Rs 300.