Sphatik Shivaling - 13 gms - I


INR 845


A lustrous Shivlingam crafted from superior quality, 100% natural Sphatik or Crystal Quartz Gemstone, which is considered one of the best Shivlingam to be worshipped. The Sphatik Shivlingam is neatly crafted and is sure to enhance the Divine energies of your Puja Alter. The Shivlingam has been worshipped as a representation of infinite Lord Shiva, who has no beginning, nor no end. The Shivlingam signifies the union of Goddess Shakti or Prakriti, as the Yoni base and Shiva/Lingam or Purusha, which is the point of creation of all beings and the point of dissolution at the end of time. Worshipping the Shivlingam brings positive transformation in all aspects of life.

The Sphatik(Crystal Quartz) Gemstone radiates has high vibration frequency, holds the energies of Mantra chanting, which makes it a popular gemstone for Shivlingam. Crystal Quartz Gemstone is known as a Master Healer for its many healing properties. It clears negative and stagnant energies from the space, is endowed with attributes of peace, calms down the mind, surrounds the space with positivity.

The Shivlingam is worshipped by conducting the ritualistic sacred bath, Abhishekham with Water, Milk, Curd, Ghee(clarified Butter) and Honey along with Lord Shiva Mantra chanting.The Sphatik Shivlingam is a must for every home, as it brings harmonious relationships, prosperity, tranquillity, fearlessness, confidence, spiritual growth, heals diseases, protects from harm, danger, evil energies, and brings immense blessings of Lord Shiva. Meditating on the Sphatik Shivlingam brings clarity, focus, expands consciousness and brings self awareness. Read more on Significance of Linga

Placement: Place the Yoni base such that it faces North direction. Then the west face of the Lingam is worshipped.

Height: 1.0 inch
Diameter of Base: 0.7 inches
Length of yoni base: 1.2 inches
Weight: 13 gms