Sphatik Shivlingam - 12 gms - II


INR 780


This Shivlingam is neatly carved from 100% natural flawless Crystal Quartz/ Sphatik Gemstone which is apt for worshipping by devotees at home or office. The Shivlingam has been worshipped since time immemorial as an representation of abstract Lord Shiva. Shivlingam made from transparent Sphatik Gemstone is preferred for worship because of its purity which represents attribute-less(Nirguna) and pure Lord Shiva. Sphatik has innate healing power and possess the quality of retaining the energies of Mantra chanting. This clear, flawless Sphatik Shivlingam brings the benefits faster and its high frequency vibration removes negative energies and amplifies the energies of the Shivlingam. At home this Shivlingam brings harmony and unity in family, love, peace, prosperity, protection from evil energies.

The Shivlingam signifies the union of Goddess Shakti or Prakriti, as the Yoni base and Shiva/Lingam or Purusha, which is the point of creation of all beings and the point of dissolution at the end of time. Worshipping the Shivlingam brings positive transformation in all aspects of life, and meditating on it helps to connect with the Shiva Tatva. Read more on Significance of Linga

Worshipping the Sphatik Lingam fulfils wishes of devotees, replaces negative energies and keeps the place charged with positivity, brings clarity, peace, prosperity, good health, calms the mind, heals diseases, supports spiritual growth, expands consciousness and bestows the benevolent grace of Lord Shiva. It is said that drinking a bit of the liquid after conducting Abhishekham of the Sphatik Shivlingam can heal diseases.

The Sphatik Shivling is a must have for every home and office.

Placement: Place the Yoni base such that it faces North direction. Then the west face of the Lingam is worshipped.

Height: 1.0 inches
Diameter of Base: 0.7 inches
Length of yoni base: 1.0 inches
Weight: 12 gms