Sriphal Gift Pack


INR 650


Make gifting a memorable event by gifting this beautiful pack of Sriphal placed on shell designed silver platter. Packed with elegance in aesthetic satin velvet box, this gift would add to beauty of every home décor while efficiently enhancing vastu. Sriphal stands for (sri = goddess of abundance; phal = fruit). It is an emblem of riches and fertility.

Purpose: For keeping in puja altar. They help preserve wealth. Sriphal is used as an offering to Goddess Laxmi. It is offered to Her chanting the mantra "Om Shri Mahalakshymaye Namah" 7 times.

Average size of Sriphal: approx. 17 to 21 mm
Dimension of Sea Shell: 5 (L) X 5.3 (W) X 1 (H) inches
Dimension of box: 5.7 (L) X 4.5 (W) X 1.8 (H) inches
No. of Sriphal: 10
Weight of the set: 290 gms