Swastik and Paduka set


INR 600


Hand crafted set for inviting auspiciousness. A Sanskrit word meaning �well-being,� the �auspicious� Swastik is the perennial symbol of good fortune found in the cradle of ancient cultures of India, China, Japan, and the Americas, as well as Greece and Rome (including the early Christians). In Buddhism, it expresses the �wheel of the Law.� Symbol of evolution and perpetual motion, the swastika denotes the ever-churning �mill of the gods,� in whose center is the soul, while the bent arms suggest the ceaseless turning of the wheels of life throughout universal existence.

As per Ramayana, Bhagwan Sri Rama lovingly blessed his brother, Bharata, with his Padukas. These Padukas, reminded Bharata of Sri Rama�s ideals & symbolized His presence through the 14 years of Sri Rama�s exile.

Purpose: They symbolize God�s presence and these Padukas and Swastik are ideally kept in altar or cash boxes.

Dimensions of Swastik: 1.5" (H) x 1.5" (W)
Length of the paduka: 2 inches

Set of 2 Padukas and one Swastik.