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The Study and Practice of Yoga - Set of II volume


INR 650


Authored by: Swami Krishnananda
Published by: The Divine Life Society

Details: The Study and Practice of Yoga - An Exposition of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

This series of two volumes is an all-encompassing spiritual guide. The reader is led gradually through the different aspects of practise and mind management.

Volume I which covers the Samadi Pada, the first of the four sections of the Yoga Sutras, and provides a good introduction and in-depth understanding of the philosophy and practice of yoga including the levels of conciousness that are attained, has been printed first.

Volume II covers the Sadhana Pada, Vibhuti Pada and Kaivalya Pada, which go into further detail about the practise of yoga using the aphoristic rungs of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras as a veritable stairway on the path of the ascent of the spirit.

Dimension: 8.75 (H) X 5.75 (W) inches
Depth: 35 mm
Binding: Hardbound
Format: Paperback
Total number of Pages: 1212
Weight: 1650 gms