The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism


INR 395


Authored by: Swami Shankarananda
Published by: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers

Details: The Yoga of Kashmir Shaivism - Conciousness is Everything

Kashmir Shaivism is the study of Consciousness. Consciousness is the most intimate experience of life, the essence of life itself. Among the many spiritual traditions born and developed in India, one ancient philosophy- Kashmir Shaivism- has explored it completely.

Until now, Kashmir Shaivism was an esoteric field accessible only to a few scholars and other specialists. Here, for the first time, Swami Shankarananda, a Self-realized spiritual master, presents the wisdom of this powerful tradition in a form that will delight and inspire all spiritual seekers. He explores the teachings in rich details, elucidating ideas and meditative practices while drawing upon a vast canvas of many great being, wisdom traditions and personal experience.

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