Tilakdhari Buddha Shaligram


INR 4,100


The Shaligram Shila represents Lord Vishnu and is a self-manifested stone found in the Kali Gandaki river, Nepal. This Shaligram shila is aptly named Tilakdhari Buddha Shaligram as its shape bears a resemblance to Lord Buddha’s head and a streak of brown colour looks like a Tilak. Tilakdhari means, the one who wears a tilak. Lord Buddha was a superior spiritual master and teacher who taught about compassion, love for each other, non-violence and urged people to follow the path of Dharma. He is also considered the 9th Avatar of Lord Vishnu by the Vaishnava sect. Lord Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. The Shaligram Shila clears Vastu dosha and keeps the dwelling shielded with high vibration.

Worshipping the Shaligram shila bestows material and spiritual pleasures, wealth, spiritual growth, good health, righteous living, protection, uplifts life, brings peace and happiness.

The Shaligram Shila is worshipped by performing the sacred bath, Abhishek, with water and Tulsi leaves and Panchamrit , which is a mixture of Cow Milk(without boiling), Curd, Ghee, Honey, Sugar.

Height: 2.2 inches
Width: 1.5 inches
Weight: 113 gms

Shaligram would be sent in a designer brass plate with a Tulsi mala.