Vamavarti Left hand blowing Shankh - 6 inches


INR 2,100


This Left Handed Shankh is a high quality heavy Shankha with a natural opening towards the tip and carving done on its outer surface. This naturally found Vaamavarti Shankha opens towards left hand (its bulge opens towards left side when the tip is facing north). The conch is blown at the beginning of important rituals not just because its presence is auspicious, but also because the sound is believed to have the ability to drown out any negative words or noises that might disturb or disrupt the harmonious atmosphere.

The vibration emanating on blowing of this shankh removes the ill effects of negative energies and also destroys the germs which cause disease in the surrounding. The sound that naturally emanates from the Shankh is the auspicious “Om” and hence installing the shankh in Puja altar is considered very auspicious.

Dimension of Shankh: approx. 6 (H) x 3.31(W) x 2.88 (D) inches
Weight of Shankh: approx. 350 gms

Length of Stand: 4.9 inches
Weight of Stand: 40 gms

Total Weight: 390 gms