Vastu Energiser for Home


INR 14,600.00


The all-inclusive Vastu energiser pack assembled as per instructions of learned priests contains all puja items needed to energise the Vastu of the plot. Inclusive of fresh items, all the items are pure and of premium quality that ensures the plot is energized with positive energies. It is thoughtfully packed in box for easy storage and transportation.

The items of the kit are placed in center of the office plot during construction or renovation of the home. Performed at Vaastu Muhurut (auspicious day and time), iot helps remove Vastu shortcomings and protect site from negative energies. This puja helps appease natural elements of the site and attract positive energies for energizing the Vastu and for safety and wellbeing of those acquiring the land.

Method to place the items in the centre of ploughed pit:
  • Place copper plate in center of pit and surround it with fresh betel leaves in circular pattern followed by second layer of mango leaves encircling betel leaves again followed by the third layer of peepal in circular pattern.
  • Place the copper Vastu Yantra, gold plated Shree Yantra, copper Navgraha Devta Yantra, 7 mukhi and Gauri Shankar Nepal Rudraksha and Rose quartz pyramid on the plate.
  • Place Yellow mustard seeds, clove, elaichi, black sesame and black pepper and the tulsi root around the plate and on the leaves.
  • Place the ready to use Ghee wick in the center of copper plate and light it.
  • Cover the plate with another copper plate and light the second ghee wick on top of it. Perform the puja and cover all items completely with mud.

  • Weight of the set: 1 Kg