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Vishnu - Large


INR 8,500


This idol of Lord Vishnu standing on a dais with embossing of bloomed Lotus is crafted in heavy brass. In this idol, Lord Vishnu is portrayed in His Chaturbhuj (four arms) form. He holds His Koumodaki mace in His lower right hand which signifies authority and a Lotus in His lower left hand which signifies spiritual enlightenment. In his upper right arm, He holds a Sudarshan discuss signifying restoration of dharma and perseverance of righteousness and a conch in upper left arm which signifies interconnected cyclic existence. The beautiful crown, moulding of physical attributes in a realistic manner and rich embellishment of jewels, gives the divine idol a charming appeal. Lord Vishnu is worshipped for blessings of longevity, peace, wealth, happiness and success in life. Place the idol in your living area, puja room, office or near entrance to add a charming addition to your décor and as a celebration of divinity of Lord Vishnu.

Height: 12.10 inches
Base Diameter: 4.5 inches
Weight: 2.571 Kgs