Vishnu Ratna Shakti yantra


GBP 97.44


Sacred Vishnu Yantra exquisitely printed on sleek Light Green Aventurine gemstone rock stand is bound to grace your abode and usher divine energies. The shining coloured Yantra imprinted on natural gemstone is durable and long lasting. The Yantra can be placed in your puja altar, living area or work desk or can also be gifted to your near and dear ones. Green Aventurine helps provide good luck, success, understanding, intelligence, creativity and removes negativity and illness. The combination of Vishnu Yantra and Green Aventurine provides wealth, success, good health, progress and fame.

Yantras also referred as Mandala Yantra provides a focal point for the convergence of the individual soul with the specific deity or creative energy. Vishnu Yantra represents Lord Vishnu, the preserver of Universe who manifested on Earth as incarnation to protect and preserve righteousness; similarly Yantra protects from all harm and bestows bliss and success.

Height: 6 inches
Width: 5 inches
Depth: 0.9 inch
Weight: 1.05 kgs


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