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Vishnu Varaha Shaligram


INR 3,100


The sacred Shaligram stone represents Lord Vishnu and found naturally in the beds and banks of Gandaki Kali River, Nepal. The lustrous Black Vishnu- Varaha Shaligram is a type of Shaligram which holds the energies of Lord Vishnu and Lord Varaha, the third Avatar of Lord Vishnu with the head of a Boar and a human body. The Vishnu Varaha Shaligram bestows tolerance, perseverance, abundance of good luck, prosperity, success in endeavours, peace, love, happiness, good health and protection to devotees. Worshipping this Shaligram by performing Abhishekham with a mixture of water, Tulsi leaves and Panchamrit brings positive transformation, helps to rise above the mundane worldly affairs, expands consciousness and augments spiritual growth.

Lord Varaha saved the Earth from demon Hiranyaksha, who had hidden Mother Earth deep down in the Ocean. After a long intense battle with the demon, Lord Varaha retrieved Planet Earth and re-established the balance in the Universe. The Vishnu Varaha Shaligram has a distinct Chakra or spiral marking and shape.

The Vishnu Varah Shaligram worship brings double blessings of Lord Vishnu and fulfils the wishes of the devotees, blesses with material contentment and liberates the soul making this Shaligram a desirable one.

Height: 1.36 inches
Width: 2.24 inches
Weight: approx. 152 gms