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About Chakra Vastu Remedies and Tools

As per the ancient scriptures, every human dwelling has presence of Vastu Purush, the God of structures and construction. Every dwelling encompasses of energies which correspond to different elements (Pancha-Tatva) of Vastu Purush present in different directions. These elements have varied characteristic and influences. The balance and imbalances of these elements affect the harmony, emotional and physical wellbeing and life situations of the dwellers. Tatva Vastu is the science of harmonising and reaping maximum benefits from the dwelling, by managing energies and influences of the Pancha Tatva with various energy products like Yantras, gemstones, rudraksha, shells, metals, auspicious symbols and sacred geometries.

Our Range of Products:

We have plethora of Vastu products innovatively designed after deep understanding of Vastu principles. Tatva Vastu aims at balancing enhance Chakras and Elements of Vastu Purush, Five Elements of the Universe namely Earth (physical existence), Water (emotions and creativity), Fire (mental power), Air (relationships) and Ether (higher self) in a home or at workplace.

Tatva Vastu Pyramids : Range of perfectly crafted pyramids crafted in gemstone and metals. We have specially designed Pyramids featuring Reiki symbols and enriched with gold artwork to promote multiple benefits of Gemstone, pyramids and Reiki symbols. We have Natural Labradorite Pyramid for Fortune, Natural Rose Quartz Pyramid for Love and Harmony, Natural Amethyst Pyramid for Divine Grace, Sphatik Pyramids, Parad Pyramids, 9 Pryamid and more.

Gemstone Rocks : Tatva Vastu Gemstone Rocks with Rudraksha bead designed to enhance the energies of your dwelling provide dual benefits of Rudraksha and gemstone and help balance energies of elements. We have Wisdom and Intellect Rock, Luck and Prosperity Rock, Peace and Harmony Rock and more to place on work desk or living area.

Tatva Vastu Trees : We have decorative Tatva Vastu trees with gemstone base handcrafted using uncut gemstones. They beautifully deck up your living or working space and promote energies of corresponding elements. Our collection include vibrant Carnelian Tatva Vastu Tree, glittering Tiger eye Tatva Vastu Tree, charming Rose quartz Tatva Vastu Tree and more.

Tatva Vastu Products : We have choicest collection of Vastu energizers designed as per the principles of Tatva Vastu which help correct Vastu defects and energize the living and working space. We have exclusively designed horse shoes artifact, Himalayan Rock Salt lamps, Tatva Vastu Chimes, Vastu Idols and more.

Gemstone balls : Crystal balls are Vastu enhancers made of single gemstone rocks that are non-heated and non-treated. They play a vital role in harmonizing and energizing different elements present in different corners of the dwelling. We have collection of Yellow Jade balls to energize fire element, Tiger eye balls to energise Earth element and more balls.

Tatva Vastu Jewelleries : Our gorgeous range of dazzling malas and bracelets are elegantly crafted using natural gemstone and healing beads. They exude an aura of tranquility and elegance around you by keeping you calm, optimistic, cheerful and assertive.

Tatva Vastu Shell Items : We have beautiful collection of rare shells and elegant artifact distinctively handcrafted using natural are rare sea shells to embellish your dwelling. Our collection of Heera shankh, Vishnu Laxmi shell, Padma Shankh, Rare Dakshinavarti Shankh and more promote energies of fortune, riches and harmony.

Tatva Vastu Yantra : Our exquisite range of energized Yantras are accurately embossed on gemstone plates to suit modern taste. Enriched with golden artwork and wooden or marble stand, these Yantras provide additional benefits of gemstones. We have Shree Yantra on Rose quartz, Saraswati Yantra on Lapis Lazuli, Kamdev Yantra on Green Jade and more for blessings of fortune, protection, prosperity, success and harmony.

Why buy from us?

  • Curatively crafted and devised using ancient knowledge of Vastu and modern science to reap maximum benefits
  • We supply the best quality items for success and spiritual evolution, at reasonable prices that provides benefits to all
  • We prepare Yantras with perfect geometry as per ancient texts. All items are sent along with usage instructions to derive maximum benefits
  • Our metal pyramid comes with perfect internal and external angles to channelize the positive energies in the optimum way
  • All products have been designed to suit modern home taste and make elegant home decors
  • Our collection of innovatively designed horse shoes, Reiki pyramids and Shells artifacts are exclusive and unique
  • All items are blessed and energised and are ready to use