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FAQ on Vastu

Q. Why one should sleep with the head toward South? Ans. The North direction and human head both are positive poles, due to which they repel each other. Flow of magnetic field is from North of  to South, so body in North South axis position will receive magnetic field from the feet resulting in pro

FAQs on Shivling

1) Kya ladies b shiv abhishek kr skti h mera mtlb jaise gents panchamrit abhishek k samay hateli se malte h ek ek samagri waise ladies kr skti h kya? (Can women perform Shiva Abhishek like the men who offer sacred items to Linga during Panchamrit Abhishek?) Ans. Yes. Ladies can also do Shiva Abhi

Why Buy from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre is committed to remove sin, suffering and pain worldwide. We supply the best quality items for success, self-empowerment and spiritual evolution, at reasonable prices for the benefit of all. All our items are selected and prepared after thorough research into the subject. All items are

FAQs on Puja Services

What is the process of performing Puja with Rudra Centre? You would need to order Puja online. You may avail free consultation for Puja from our experts. You need to specify birth details and Sankalpa (wish for the Puja) while placing order. We would email you the Puja schedule after discussion with

Why Parad from Rudra Centre

What is the difference between silver coated Parad and plain Parad? Plain Parad touches your skin and gives more effect but it dulls quickly. Silver-layered Parad works through the silver coating producing the same effect but it looks better in terms of appearance. Can a Parad Shivling be placed at

Why Rudraksha from Rudra Centre

- We are the first ISO certified rudraksha organisation in the world. - First to translate ancient Puranas and Upanishads information on rudraksha. - Guaranteed High quality, Hand selected, best quality beads from Nepal and Indonesia. - In-house making of rudraksha designs as per Rudraksha science t

FAQ on Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy

What is RRST? Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy is the science of using specific Rudraksha and Ratna that empower individuals personally and professionally to break through to new levels of achievement and self-realization and to challenge, treat and heal all aspects of human experience. What does RRS

Why buy Yantras From Rudra Centre?

We are a credited ISO 9001:2015 certified organization in the world Yantras have accurate, complete and clear diagrams and geometry, based on research of ancient texts Complete and perfect etching is done on pure metals or gemstones We inform the correct position & installation process of Yantra to

Why Puja Services from Rudra Centre

At Rudra Centre we believe that spiritual rites and rituals are the greatest gifts from the Almighty Lord. They are the ritualistic devotions to the Celestial Body (God) that harmonize us with cosmic energies. These rituals eliminate the karmic sorrows of life and boost spiritual as well as material

FAQ on Gemstone

Why only nine gemstones are considered main, when there are thousands of stones and minerals available around the world? Not all fruits or vegetables are edible or nutritious, and in the same manner, not all stones are of the same value to mankind. Whereas some stones like the Shaligram are of high

FAQs on Rudraksha

Q. Is it important to have uniform shaped beads for effect? Is there any harm is wearing a bead that is not perfectly shaped? Ans: Nature has produced all beautiful items like fruits, flowers, gems, shaligram, rudraksha for you.. Take your pic and empower yourself. Nature will NOT harm you in disgui

FAQ on Yantra

Q. What is a Yantra? What are Yantras? A: The word Yantra means an instrument or machine or talisman depending upon the context. An Yantra can be described as a very complex Engine of Energy containing nested geometric figures, arrays of mystic patterns and a series of ancient hyper sigils laced wit