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FAQ on Vastu

Q. Why one should sleep with the head toward South?
Ans. The North direction and human head both are positive poles, due to which they repel each other. Flow of magnetic field is from North of  to South, so body in North South axis position will receive magnetic field from the feet resulting in proper blood circulation, due to presence of iron in the blood.

Q. Why Northeast corner of the house is so auspicious? Why should we keep it open?
Ans. Due to the tilt of the earth (22½°), the Northeast corner of a structure receives energy. During early morning when the sun is at its maximum distance from the earth, only infrared rays are able to reach the earth, which are beneficial for the human body. Hence Northeast portion of the house should be such that it should receive beneficial infrared rays.   

Q. Are all houses situated in front of a T-junctions are bad and why?
Ans. Generally speaking, one should avoid a building in front of a T-junction. In comparison, a house in front of a T-junction in the South or West direction has more bad effects than the one facing North or East direction. The harsh energy due to the traffic on the road entering directly into the premises results in a tense and negative environment. 

Q. Why North is considered to be best direction for facing while studying or working?
Ans. When you are facing the North, the magnetic field of the earth is towards your face and charges you up resulting in sharp memory and increase in grasping power.

Q. Is Vastu applicable only to Hindus?
Ans. No, in fact, it is a science of directions. It was written 5000 years back keeping in mind that, whosoever resides in a house, will be benefited. So, the question of religion does not arise.  

Q. Can Vastu defect be corrected by performing Pooja, Yogas etc.?
Ans. If your electrical fan is not working; you will call an electrician rather than praying to God. Vastu is science related to Geo energies, so it is best to work directly on them to get beneficial results.

Q. What are the factors on which Vastu is based?
Ans. Vastu is a combination of Bio energy force, gravitational force, magnetic field of earth, solar energy, velocity of wind and cosmic radiations.

Q. Why Southwest room is considered to be a powerful room?
Ans. The positive energy received through Northeast corner gets stored in Southwest area. The more you are away from Northeast corner; more you will find peace & comfort. Southwest area denotes earth element, which gives more stability and grounding.

Q. Southwest entry is not supposed to be auspicious. Why?
Ans. All the positive energy from Northeast corner will move away through Southwest door. Thus a South West entry is supposed to be the door of leakage of money. This corner should be closed and blocked to avoid negative energies entering into the house.

Q. What is the basic difference between Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui?
Ans. Vastu Shastra is primarily a pre-construction science while Feng Shui is a post-construction art.       

Q. Are Basements not good for living or working?
Ans. Due to the low level of energy, basements are ideally not good for living but if one can create & enhance the energy levels with the help of lighting, proper ventilation & air conditioning etc; the same can be used as a working area.

Q. It is said that only North or East facing plots are good, Is it?
Ans. In Vastu, all directions are suitable for facing of a plot. It is only the inner layout, which is more important. But in a house is facing North or East, the incurring of Vastu principles become easier. The possibility of Vastu error is less in North or East facing house in comparison to the one facing West or South.

Q. What is the most negative Vastu flaw in a house?
Ans. An underground water tank in the Southwest area of a house is the most negative and major flaw in Vastu. This leads to the defects represented by the 3 D\\\'s: Debts, Delays and Disharmony in the family.
Another defect is having Master bedroom in Northwest area which leads to instability.

Q. What are the directions we should avoid while placing the kitchen and toilet in the house?
Ans. Only the Northeast and Southwest corners should be avoided.

Q. What care should we take while constructing the staircase?
Ans. Positive energy moves in the clockwise direction and negative energy moves in the anticlockwise direction. So, the staircase should be made in the clockwise direction with odd number of steps for positive effect.

Q. Is the shape of the plot important in Vastu?
Ans. Yes, in fact it is the first important thing to be considered while choosing a plot. A square or rectangular shaped plot is taken as ideal shape for plot in Vastu. Any other shape with Southwest corner at 90° angle, with Northwest and Southeast corners having more than 90° angle and Northeast corner at less than 90° angle is also considered auspicious.