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Why Parad from Rudra Centre

What is the difference between silver coated Parad and plain Parad?
Plain Parad touches your skin and gives more effect but it dulls quickly. Silver-layered Parad works through the silver coating producing the same effect but it looks better in terms of appearance.

Can a Parad Shivling be placed at home? If yes, do we need to perform abhishekam regularly on the Parad Lingam?
Yes. Parad Shivling can be kept at home. Performing abhishekam daily is not obligatory. The presence of this divine Shivling in your home itself invites positive cosmic energies.

How do I use Parad on body?
You may wear as a ring or as a bead on neck or on wrist. It cleans and purifies, giving you good health and spiritual upliftment.

Can I dip your Parad gutika in milk overnight and have the milk in the morning?
Although our Parad products are alchemical and made with Ayurvedic procedures, we do not recommend consumption. The Parad gutika will give you ample benefits by wearing as stated (as pendant on right hand or close to throat or as ring on right Index finger).

What are the benefits of Parad Pyramid and where should I place it?
A Parad Pyramid corrects Vastu dosh of home/office; it also brings in prosperity, luck and cleanses the aura of the place. This should be placed in the North East of your home/office.

Why buy Parad from Rudra Centre?
Rudra Centres deals in pure 100% alchemical Parad (complete with 8 samskaras) which is prepared by Vaidya Shree Pundit Deenanath of Jaipur.

Do you provide authenticity of Parad?
Yes, we do provide authenticity certificate with all our Parad Products.

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