Why Puja Services from Rudra Centre

HINDU PUJA SERVICESAt Rudra Centre we believe that spiritual rites and rituals are the greatest gifts from the Almighty Lord. They are the ritualistic devotions to the Celestial Body (God) that harmonize us with cosmic energies. These rituals eliminate the karmic sorrows of life and boost spiritual as well as material prosperity. When performed with faith, these rituals fill us with positive energy that invites peace of mind, material prosperity and enable us to embrace the Divine Self. These rituals when performed correctly by qualified Brahmins generate auspicious results that are the fulfillment of sankalpa, the purpose of the puja.

Q: What is Puja?

A: Puja is the technique by which we relate to the cosmic energy through earth element. Puja is a collection of powerful techniques performed with "energized idols" or "vigrahas". Puja involves intense cleansing techniques which heals the aspirant at physical, psychological and spiritual planes.

Q: What is Homa?

A: Homa is a fire ritual in Vedic tradition by which one can relate to the existential energy through fire element. Homa can be used as a personal spiritual practice for self-transformation and realization or can be used as the most effective techniques for expressing collective consciousness which can bring intense healing and peace energy to the society.

Q: What is the science behind Vedic Worship as a personal spiritual practice?

A: The science behind realization of prayers can be explained with an example - anything kept in front of a projector light, will be seen in the screen. If you keep a slide of a temple scene you will see the temple.

If you keep a slide of an actor or actress you will see their age. In same manner, any thought kept in front of concentrated energy, will become a reality. In the space where any Vedic Worship happens there is intense energy flow which happens. Intense potential energies created by continuous repetition of mantras which charges the whole space and keeps it alive.

When you are present in front of this space and create a thought or wish, your whole body and mind will be tuned to that thought and so naturally it will become a reality in your life. During a Vedic worship, two things will happen, you will have "shakti" or energy to make your dreams into reality, next you will have "buddhi" or intelligence to realize that what you see or think as reality itself is a dream. Enlightened masters designed these Worships which could intensely heal, inspire and give the humanity an experience of spirituality.

Q: What are Vedic Mantras and their Powers?

A: Mantra represents the divine, cosmic force, the transformative, superhuman force. Words always convey a meaning. Sounds always convey a meaning; they have a particular pitch, frequency and vibration. This pitch, frequency and vibration are understood by the human mind, not only intellectually but also psychically. Human beings have made the mistake of trying to rationalize everything through the intellect. That is the greatest mistake a human being can make. Intellect is only one component of the mind.The purpose of mantra is to liberate the mental dimension from its self-created bondage. This is the definition of the word mantra. Mantra is the force that can liberate the mind from the forces of illusion and ignorance and raise the level of the mind to experience its real nature.

Q: What are Vedic Worship and Universal Consciousness Energies?

A: Vedic Worship is based on the truth that the whole Universe is constituted of thoughts and energy vibrations. It is alive and bubbling with our thoughts and emotions. Modern scientists have agreed on the same starting from Einstein who says there is no such thing as matter and energy separately with boundaries between the two and that the whole Universe is energy.

The last statement of science and quantum physics saying that everything is energy is the first statement of the first Veda of the first Upanishad. "Isha vashyam idam sarvam" meaning, whatever exists is energy.An apple if it has to be shared by four people has to be cut into four pieces. But, when it comes to energy, anything shared only multiplies. For example, if we have 10 volts of electricity in a wire, one person touching the wire will feel 10 volts and four people touching the same wire will also feel 10 volts.

In the same way, the powerful energy of Pujas and Homas when done by a group of people gets shared in total by the entire group. Imagine 10 ‘volts’ of energy generated by one person and 100 people all sitting together in a group worship. 10x100=1000 volts!

Q: Why does a Vedic worship contain?

A: Vedic worship is a Vedic ritual performed on a variety of occasions to show love and gratitude to God/Goddess for prosperity and physical/mental well being. Vedic Worship is also called  as Pooja. Pooja when performed cleanses the space of the house and to heal those present at the physical and mental planes. Pooja may be performed by an individual worshipper or in gatherings. It includes combination of mantra (recitation of Vedic mantras), yantra (meditation on mystical representation of subtle energies) and tantra (rituals to worship)

Q: What are the Benefits of Puja And Homa?

A: Pooja is a ritual product of five thousand years of research and development by Vedic sages done in over ten million spiritual research laboratories to develop human potential and achieve the ultimate flowering. These sharp techniques benefit every dimension of life: physiological, psychological, sociological, and ecological.

Vedic Pujas and Homas when performed with deep devotion benefit people of all age groups, from increased alertness in infants of parents performing regular Vedic worship to increased health, happiness, and longevity in elders who perform Vedic worship as a spiritual practice.

Q: What is process of performing Puja with Rudra Centre?

A: You would need to order Puja online. You may avail Free consultation for Puja from our experts.
You need to specify birth details and Sankalpa (wish for the Puja) while placing order. We would email you the Puja schedule after discussion with the Priests. You have option to call the Priest to hear Sankalpa and mantra chanting during the Puja. We would send you pictures, video and Prasad through courier.

Q: I have booked a puja with you. May I know for how long it will be effective? Also why Rudra Centre is best for the pujas?

A: The effects of a Puja help in removing the immediate obstacles at fast pace. After that the benefits are accrued on a gradual basis. The pujas conducted at Rudra Centre give you long lasting benefits as those are conducted by karma kandi (oath driven) priests in our own premises. Kindly follow the link below to know more about our puja services.

Q: Where does Rudra Centre perform Pujas?

A: Rudra Centre conducts all the rites and rituals at its own puja hall that has been spiritually purified.

Q: Do online Pujas really benefit, even when the person for whom the puja done is not present?

A: The Rudra Centre priests perform the pujas in the most authentic way with proper Vedic rituals. Blessings and positive energies surpass distances created by matter. Several clients have reported positive effects after doing online Pujas.

Q: Can I personally attend my puja when performed at your premises?

A: Yes, you can attend your puja in person. If you can\'t attend, your family members or friends can. You may even opt for Live Streaming of the Puja.

Q: How will I know if my puja was successfully completed?

A: You will receive a Puja completion Email from our puja service team on the successful completion of your puja.
After the successful completion of your puja, the following items are sent to you: Puja ceremony photos, energized Prasad, holy thread, Rudraksha and yantra.

Q: Why is Rudra Centre best for Vedic pujas and homas?

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