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About Devi Chowki

Devi Chowki

What is Devi Chowki?

Designed meticulously by the most skilled artisans, Devi Chowki has powerful variants and is made of pure heavy brass. It is useful for worshippers of different Goddesses in Hinduism like Navdurga, Baglamukhi and more. Our range is specialised in minimalistic puja altar of various types of Goddesses which makes it easier for the devotees to find all the products in one category. Devi Chowki can also be given as a present to near ones on auspicious events as it represents the divine power of Goddesses.

Types of Devi Chowki

Mata Kripa Yantra

Mata Kripa Yantra is a strikingly beautiful Chowki (altar) that features Goddess Durga idol on a Kurma (tortoise) base. It has a round dome shaped glass with Yantra inside and a trident attached on the top to accentuate the piece. The Chowki is highlighted with red velvet behind the Durga idol. This Yantra brings peace, good luck and financial stability. The worshipper is relieved from the stress of pending debts and free from anxiety. It is a great Yantra Chowki for placing in home/ office/ shop for auspicious blessings of Goddess Durga.

Shree Nav Durga Yantra

It is a round Yantra with Shree Durga Yantra in the center surrounded by photos of 9 forms of the Goddess (NavDurga). The Yantra and photos are covered with a crystal glass for a magnified view. When prayed and worshipped daily it helps connect with the energies of Devi Durga and one sees the fulfillment of their wishes, success, and happiness. The sadhaks/worshippers are protected by the blessings of Goddess Durga and a Kavach (shield) is formed around the dwelling. To eradicate poverty and attract riches, this Yantra should be worshipped as per the Shloka 17th of 4th adhyay (episode/verse) in Durga Saptashati. It also removes obstacles and helps in silencing and defeating the enemies. Made of heavy brass, the Yantra looks stunning and sensible for gifting as well.

Baglamukhi Raksha Kawach Chowki

This Kawach Chowki is designed in a pyramidal form with a photo of Goddess Baglamukhi, Beesa Yantra, and Baglamukhi Yantra on the 4 faces. The four corners of the altar have a trident fixed in each corner which draws attention to this wonderful piece. It protects the sadhaks/worshippers from accidents, harmful energies, and negative forces. Baglamukhi Raksha Kawach Chowki is a protective shield that keeps the sadhaks/worshippers safe from evil spirits and enemies. It can also be prayed to achieve success in debates, in court cases/lawsuits. The Chowki can be kept in the home or any other place like an office or shop to bring the blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi

Why buy Devi Chowki?

Devi Chowki is a visible object of worship for devotees who revere the NavDurga i.e. nine forms of Goddess Durga. The Devi Chowki is made for placing in home, office, showroom, shop, etc. for praying to various Goddesses. They bestow the devotee with the respective benefits and bring positive changes. Various Yantras and Chowki have different purposes, example, Baglamukhi Chowki is worshipped for winning in debates, legal matters, and protection from hidden enemies. These pieces have to be placed properly in a dwelling and worshipped every day for invoking the presence of the ruling Goddess.

What material do we use for the Devi Chowki?

The Devi Chowki is made of pure brass and designed with sheer elegance. Its strong construction makes it durable and appropriate for using over a longer time. The photos and Yantras of Goddesses are also infixed in the products and have a good quality crystal glass cover. It gives a magnified view of the photo imprinted inside and keeps it safe.

Why buy Energized Devi Chowki?

It is advisable to buy Devi Chowki which is energized with sacred mantras according to Vedic scriptures. Energized Yantras are infused with great powers of the governing deity and bless the worshipper with immense joy and success. The in-house karmakandi Pundits at Rudra Centre follow the precise procedure of energizing through mantra chanting and rituals.

Placement day

Devi Chowki can be placed and established in a dwelling during Navaratri for its miraculous and transformational benefits. It is an altar in itself so it can be independently kept in a sacred place in home, office or other spaces. The Chowki is designed to match every type of interior décor. Placing it as per the instructions of our Vedic experts will help get the most beneficial results out of it.

Why buy Devi Chowki from Rudra Centre?

We present a beautiful selection of Devi Chowki and Yantra which are made perfectly. Find all spiritual products of genuine quality under one roof at Rudra Centre. We have precisely inscribed Yantras energized with Vedic mantra chanting for getting the desired outcome. With our worldwide delivery, you can place an order from any part of the world. Buy Devi Chowki online from us and receive your order safely.

Devi Chowki Price

The Chowki/ Altars in Devi Chowki category are priced differently as per the metal used in making them, their design and size. The quality remains best regardless of the product and true to the price.