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About Laxmi Chowki

What is Laxmi Chowki

Lakshmi Chowki is a divine seat of the Goddess Lakshmi. The word “Chowki” is derived from the word “four” which means four-legged. It is one of the most auspicious items as the idol of Goddess Laxmi is placed on it. The literal meaning of the word “Chowki” is a low wooden seat or a stool. Thus, the four-legged stool on which the divine deities are seated is called Chowki. The Laxmi Chowki in aipan art is one of the most famous art forms of Uttarakhand and is usually drawn on a Chowki. Aipan art is a form of rangoli made of rice flour, which is drawn on the Chowki before the Goddess idols are installed on it. Aipan art is said to invoke the divine energy and the power of the deity and its design form resembles the design of a yantra figure.

We at Rudra Centre offer a wide range of Laxmi Chowki online at the best price. These Chowkis are crafted with finesse and are available in various designs. You can browse through our exclusive range and choose from the variety we offer. The Lakshmi Chowki is a divine possession every household must treasure. It attracts abundance, riches, good fortune, materialistic comforts, name, and fame. It blesses the dwellers with new opportunities to rise to fame and enjoy the luxuries of life and safeguards the dwelling from negative energies.

Why buy Laxmi Chowki

Laxmi Chowki is one of the most auspicious items which you can install in the puja altar of your house or in the office. It is a medium that connects you to divinity and through the process of mantra chanting and sound vibrations, the material (thought/desire) becomes a reality. Goddess Lakshmi is the deity who offers riches, wealth, abundance, material bliss, and success in all areas of life, inviting Her divine presence at home is equivalent to inviting monetary success, bliss, good fortune, and spiritual growth. Devi Lakshmi, who is the aspect of the Divine Mother (AdiShakti) not only offers riches in terms of money but in terms of good conduct, good thoughts, good behaviour, and the way we approach life.

You can buy Laxmi Chowki online at the best price from us by simply visiting our website. All the products that we offer are energized which means that the latent divine energies present in the Lakshmi Chowki are invoked. Once you install the Chowki and offer prayers and worship, the energies are activated, and start working towards manifesting your desires. Apart from this, the Laxmi Chowki also creates a positive vibration throughout the dwelling and keeps diseases, negative energies, and evil eyes at bay. Thus, there are many reasons why you must buy and install the Lakshmi Chowki at your home and office.

What material we used for Laxmi Chowki

The divine Lakshmi Chowki that we offer is made of brass. At Rudra Centre, we offer Ashta Lakshmi Shree Yantra Chowki which comprises Maa Kamakshee idol with Meru Shree Yantra, and eight different images of Ashtalakshmi which are enclosed in domed-shaped crystal glass. The entire design makes a magnificent altar in itself. This divine and energized Laxmi Chowki carries the divine energies of Ashtalakshmi (Eight forms of Laxmi) and Shree Yantra. There is also another Chowki that falls in this category which is named ‘Shree Dhan Varsha Kuber Yantra Chowki’. This Chowki comprises an idol of Lord Gods- Kuber seated on the throne and Kuber Yantra in domed glass in the center. Yantra is encircled by Chakra mantras and gemstones representing 9 planets.

Type of Laxmi Chowki

We at Rudra Centre offer two types of Shree Lakshmi Chowkis, namely Ashta Lakshmi Shree Yantra Chowki and Shree Dhan Varsha Kuber Yantra Chowki. Both these Chowkis are majestically designed and appear like a puja altar in itself.

Why buy energized Laxmi Chowki

Energizing is a divine process of invocation of the deity energies through Vedic rituals of mantra chanting. An energized Chowki is active and emits a range of divine energies of the respective deity. Hence it is always advisable to buy energized Lakshmi Chowki. A Chowki that is not energized does not emit any energy or offer any benefits.

Why should buy from us

There are many reasons to shop or buy from us, here are a few reasons why? All the Lakshmi Chowki or Yantras that we at Rudra Centre offer are energized and blessed by the in-house Karmkandi pundits from Varanasi and Benaras. These full-time pundits (of Rudra Centre) are highly experienced and are highly knowledgeable. The quality and authenticity of the products and services are what we never compromise on. We are the pioneers who deal in a plethora of spiritual and religious products and services. Our in-house packaging team makes sure that the products we offer are packaged appropriately. We also offer placement instructions of the Lakshmi Chowki in order for the Chowki to work and offer maximum benefits.

Placement day or Vidhi of Laxmi Chowki

This sacred Chowki can be placed in the North or East or North-East corner of your house or office on a Friday. Maa Lakshmi must be revered every day but Friday is associated with Goddess Lakshmi. The Vidhi to install the Laxmi Chowki is as follows.

  • Clean the place where you are going to place the Lakshmi Chowki
  • Wake up at dawn, cleanse yourself by taking a shower
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Now, place the Laxmi chowki on the Laxmi Chowki aipan art
  • Light a pure cow ghee diya in front of it, light incense sticks
  • Now chant the Ashtalakshmi mantra 108 times with a clear mind
  • Visualize the blessings that Ashtalaskshmi showers on you
  • Offer fruits and flowers to the Laxmi Chowki