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About Laxmi, Kuber Hanging yantras

Laxmi, Kuber Hanging Yantras

What is Laxmi, Kuber Hanging Yantras?

Yantras made in the Hanging form for easy placing on the wall or in a vehicle are available in this collection. Laxmi, Kuber Hanging Yantra is a beautiful round wall hanging that holds the divine energies that bring money and luxury. When worshipped with pure intention and dedication, the Yantra showers blessings of wealth on the worshipper. Below are the Hanging Yantras in our set of products and their amazing benefits:

Laxmi Kuber Door Yantra Hanging

It is an elegantly designed Yantra for hanging on the door or other walls in the dwelling. Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kubera are the deities of wealth and placing this Yantra at home or office are beneficial to draw riches. It blesses the devotees with abundant prosperity and increases the flow of income. Worshipping Laxmi Kuber Yantra is auspicious and it does not have any negative effects. It carries the combined energies of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber, which benefits the sadhaks/worshippers to achieve growth in professional life, academic life, and overall growth and prosperity. The Yantra has to be cleaned often as it contains the powers of presiding deities. It can also be gifted to friends or colleagues on special occasions, the opening of new ventures, etc. This Kuber Laxmi wall Yantra is significantly a device to attract affluence and new opportunities.

Shree Yantra Hanging

Shree Yantra is the most powerful among all the Yantras that exist. It is created in a three-dimensional form and looks very appealing when hung at the door. The Shree Yantra Hanging is more effective when placed in the East direction of the dwelling. It helps in deriving the maximum benefits of the Yantra. The mystical geometry of the Yantra is imprinted carefully with accuracy to make it a powerful object of worship. Shree Yantra Hanging is a perfect present for your loved ones at events like a housewarming ceremony, the inauguration of a shop/ business, the birth of a new child, marriage, or a religious festival. It majorly brings wealth to the sadhaks/worshippers and also blesses them in every aspect of life. It helps one attain spiritual progress and gives fame, joy, contentment, harmony, and power. Praying by reciting the associated mantra on a regular basis makes the worshipper successful and happy.

What material did we use for Laxmi, Kuber Hanging Yantras?

The Hanging Yantras are made of pure heavy brass in a round shape. With its dome-shaped glass cover, it allows a 3D (three-dimensional) view of the sacred Yantra inside. Its back surface is covered with a red cloth in a velvet texture. The ring attached above the round Yantra is for hanging it on the wall or against any other surface.

Why buy Energized Laxmi, Kuber Hanging Yantras?

It is recommended to buy energized yantras because they give quicker results than non-energized Yantras. You can get highly energized yantras from us at the best prices. We carry out a proper procedure of energizing the yantras as per Vedic scriptures. It instills divine powers in the Yantra and lets the worshipper take complete advantage of the tool. The chanting of mantras is done accurately by our Pundits at Rudra Centre who are well-versed and knowledgeable.

Placement of Hanging Yantra

The purpose of Hanging Yantra is to have the Yantra in such a form that it can be hung on the wall, entrance, or in a vehicle. It can be conveniently hung in the living room, office cabin, or car to bring the blessings of wealth & prosperity.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre has the most authentically sourced Yantras for the well-being of the customers. The Yantras that we provide are crafted with precision and undergo a strict quality assurance test. This range specifically has Laxmi, Kuber Hanging Yantras for home, office, shop, etc. They are devised after a lot of research throughout the years and available exclusively at Rudra Centre. You can contact our experts over the call or live chat at your convenience to clear any doubts or queries while buying the Hanging Yantras for wealth. We are the trusted supplier of original spiritual products for over 2 decades across the globe. The positive testimonials speak of our commendable service and a hassle-free spiritual shopping experience. Place your order with us today and get the Yantra delivered anywhere in the world as we deliver worldwide.

Laxmi Hanging Yantra Price

Prices of the Hanging Yantras are reasonable and the genuine quality makes it durable for use in the long run. The fine craftsmanship is true to the price of the Hanging Yantra. You can buy Laxmi Kuber Hanging Yantra online from us today. It is also a wonderful gifting option for your friends, family, and dear ones.

Mantra for Hanging Yantras

Shri Yantra Mantra- Om Shreem Hreem Shreem, Kamle Kamalalaye, Praseed Praseed, Shreem Hreem Shreem, Om Shree Mahalakshmi Devyai Namah