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About Marble Shivalinga

About Marble Shivling

Lord Shiva is one of the most revered Hindu Gods, ardently worshipped as a Shivling. The Shivling is the abstract representation of Lord Shiva, as He is formless and infinite. The Yoni base denotes Goddess Shakti and the Lingam mounted on it is Lord Shiva. It portrays the union of Divine Male and Female from where creation manifests. There are different materials from which Shivlings are made. Marble Shivling is popularly worshipped at homes, offices, business places, shops.

By merely installing the Marble Shiva Lingam in the Alter, you invite auspiciousness, high positive vibrations into the dwelling. Worshipping the Marble Shivling statue is done by performing Abhishekham, which is a sacred bath of the Marble Shiva Lingam with Milk, Water, and other liquids like Yogurt, Honey, and Clarified Butter(Ghee). When worshipped, Lord Shiva showers the devotee with benevolent blessings and His Divine protection.

Marble is composed of Calcite, Dolomite, and/or Serpentine. They come in many colors. White and Black Marble is most commonly used for making Shivlings. Since ancient times marble has been used to make Marble Shiva Lingams and beautiful God Idols.

Marble Shivling Price

Marble Shivling price is dependent on a few factors like size/weight, quality of the marble, and the carving on the Shivling. This depends on which marble Shivling manufacturers, it is sourced from. When buying from Marble Shiva Lingam for sale for installing at your dwelling, ensure that the Marble used in the Shivling is of high quality and it is made well and smooth. This is important to get the maximum benefits of worshipping the Marble Shiva Lingam. Buy Marble Shivling from a reputed and trusted shop or dealer of the Marble Shiva Lingam.

Where to Buy Marble Shiva Lingam (Marble Shivling)

Rudra Centre has a wide collection of high quality, smoothly carved Marble Shivlings of different sizes or weight, available in White and Black Marble. The White Marble Shivlings in our collection is made from the famous and best quality marble, Makrana Marble. Also, we offer White Marble Yoni base mounted by the high-power Narmada Lingam. You can easily buy Marble Shivling online with us, by choosing from the Marble Shiva Lingams available with us at the best Marble Shivling price in the market. Once you place your order, you will receive the Marble Shivling safely and securely packed, at your doorstep, within a few days.

  • Meditating on the White Marble Shivling is said to enhance your concentration and focus. Meditating on it can also be done with chanting of Lord Shiva Mantras. This Shivling also washes away negative thoughts, replacing them with positive ones and other such benefits.
  • White Marble Yoni base with Narmada Lingam - The Narmada Lingam is considered among the top best Shivlings to worship, possessing the highest frequency vibrations. Narmada Lingam is unique as it is naturally made into its Lingam shape by the flow of the Narmada River and found only in the bed of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh. It helps to raise the Kundalini energy, which makes it desirable to all Sadhaks and spiritual seekers. Installing the Marble Yoni base with Narmada Lingam brings a Divinely blessed outcome.
  • Black Marble Shivling - Often seen in Shiva temples, it is a highly protective Shivling. When it is installed, it protects the inmates and the place of dwelling.

Marble Shivling Benefits

Worshipping the Marble Shivling is meritorious, giving multiple benefits. Lord Shiva hears the prayers

  • The vibrations of the Marble Shiva Lingam radiate in the space brings positive energy.
  • Worshipping brings peace, calmness of mind, and prosperity.
  • Installed in Business place, it brings new opportunities and clients.
  • It protects from the malefic effects of Planets and evil energies.
  • Vastu Dosh is rectified when you install the Marble Shivling.
  • Marble Shiva Lingam worship brings bliss and unity among married couples, harmony in relationships.
  • Worshipping is recommended for those who are finding it difficult to get a life partner.
  • Lord Shiva blesses the devotee with spiritual growth and fulfillment of desires.
  • It helps to give relief from diseases and ailments.

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