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Book Online Your Pooja at the famous Kamakhya Devi Temple: India, USA, UK, Japan, Canada & More

Performing a Vedic puja at the oldest and the famous Kamakhya Devi Temple in Nilachal Hill, Guwahati of Assam is the most scared act one can perform in their life. Rudra Centre offers online puja services wherein you can book a puja (given below) at this temple with your Sankalpa. It is dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya and is considered to be one of the fifty one Shakti Pithas. Being one of the oldest temples in India, the Kamakhya Temple is also known as Kamrup-Kamakhya. The Temple forms the principal temple along with other temples dedicated to the ten goddesses (Kali, Tara, Sodashi, Bhairavi, Dhumavati, Bagalamukhi, Bhuvaneshwari, Chhinnamasta, Matangi and Kamalatmika), in a cluster or complex.

We at Rudra Centre perform all types of Devi Pujas for you with zero inconvenience to you. Our team of qualified Pundits perform these pujas as instructed in the scriptures referring to nothing outside the same. You can book online any of the pujas at Kamakhya Temple Puja or any Hindu puja service from us.

Black Magic Puja: It is for protection against black magic or those who envy you and try to perform black magic on you. It relieves you from the influence of black magic, ghosts or evil energies.

Baglamukhi Puja: Very powerful puja for winning over enemies, legal cases and other disputes. It is best for good health and prosperity.

Navgraha Puja: Best for appeasing all the nine planets and removing the doshas associated with them.

Puja for Conceiving a Child: Powerful puja for those couples that are unable to have a child.

Chandi Paath and Hawan: One of the most significant pujas and powerful

Vedic havans peformed for victory over your enemies and success in all the spheres of life especially professional.

Rudra Centre books all types of Hindu poojas online. We have been conducting Vedic pujas for over ten years in India and other parts of the world such as UK, USA, Japan, Europe, New Zealand and more. Apart from pujas at the famous temples in Indian, we also perform Pujas at our own Temple installed in our office premises in Mumbai. We have a team of karmakandi Pundits from Shivkashi Temple who perform Pujas as per Vedic rituals. You may call the Pundits for hearing your Sankalpa (wish being taken) over Skype and would receive blessed Prasad and photographs/ DVD of the worship ritual.