Pujas for Planetary Doshas

Pujas for Planetary Doshas

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Dosh Nivaran Online Pujas / Dosh Nivaran Japa From India

With commitment to remove suffering from the world, we offer online Vedic puja services for Planetary Doshas and Doshas present in one’s Birth chart. At Rudra Centre, we perform pujas to eliminate or reduce malefic influence of all these planets and remove Doshas like Chandal Yog Dosha, Vish Yo...g, Raj Yog Bhanga and more. These pujas are performed by highly experienced Karmakandi priests from Kashi strictly as per Vedic rituals. These pujas are conducted in our temple in premises of our Mumbai office, where you could personally visit or view the puja online through live streaming facility.

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About Pujas for Planetary Doshas

Planetary and Dosha Nivaran Pujas

Planetary dosha occurs due to afflicting planets in the birth chart. Some of the common graham Dosha includes Mangal Dosh, Shani Dosh, Guru Dosh, Surya Dosh and Chandra Dosh.

It is believed that Mangal Dosh creates fears of instability and no support, Shani Dosh makes a person develop non-acceptance, affliction of Surya Dosh makes a person dependent and powerless and Chandra Dosh affliction causes emotional instability and low self-esteem.

The dosha resulting from our actions can be removed by treating people with respect and love. However the Doshas in our natal chart can be removed only by doing pujas for planetary Doshas and by opening our Chakras. Every planet projects a color or aura which affects our thoughts, health, feelings and our overall life.

Homas for removal of Planetary Doshas invokes the Gods ruling the planets. Mantras and sacred offerings are made to them. The Gods then blesses the devotees and remove the Dosh of the particular planet. These pujas can also be performed online where virtuous priests conduct these pujas on your behalf.

Planetary Dosha Nivaran Puja from India

Rudra Centre conducts Planetary Dosha Nivaran Puja on your behalf. These pujas are done by Karmandi priests as per ancient Vedic rituals. You need not be physically present during the ceremony; however you see the ceremony through live feed.

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