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About Rudraksha Gemstone Bracelets

Significance of Rudraksha and Gemstone beads bracelet

Rudraksha and Gemstone Beads bracelets are tremendously powerful. The combination of Rudraksha Beads endowed with magical healing powers, which heal on physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual levels and natural Gemstones have inherent healing qualities, which make these Bracelets desirable for brining positive changes to life. Rudraksha beads hold the power of Lord Shiva, who brings positive transformation in the life of His devotees, along with other benevolent blessings. Therefore the Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets come with the blessings of Mahadev.

Each Bracelet is strung with different Gemstone Beads which have their individual healing properties. The Rudraksha and Gemstone Beads are mostly strung on adjustable thread, with lovely accessories or with Silver Flower capping. These Bracelets look trendy and can be worn with all type of outfits.

Rudraksha Bracelets have been worn by Sages, Rishis and devotees of Lord Shiva since time immemorial. Gemstone Bracelets have been worn since ancient times for protection, peace, prosperity, good health, healing of various aspects of life and as fashion jewellery too. Rudra Centre offers a wide collection of Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets which are made combining genuine natural Rudraksha Beads and Gemstone Beads.

Uses and Benefits of Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets

Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets are worn all over the world for their healing attributes. Rudra Centre's collection of Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets made of genuine, 100% natural Rudraksha Beads and Gemstone Beads. The Gemstones are carefully selected, keeping in mind the metaphysical properties of each type of Gemstone, augmented by Rudraksha Beads, to bring maximum benefits to the wearer. We also offer only Rudraksha Bracelets. Powerful as it is, Rudraksha Bracelets, Malas or other jewellery is worn to bring peace, calm, good health, protection, harmonious relationships, spiritual awareness and growth and much more.

The Rudraksha Beads and Gemstone Beads are 100% pure and an authentication certificate is provided on request from the buyer, by us. Numerous benefits are gained from wearing the Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets, some of them are:-

1) The Bracelets helps to gain balance, calms down the mind and soothes nerves and brings peace.
2) Rudraksha Beads bring Lord Shiva's protection and guidance to transform and evolve spiritually. Gemstones are helpful in transformation as they too went they too were formed in the Earth crust after going through years of transformation. so the combination brings beneficial outcome.
3) The various Gemstones are endowed with their own attributes and therefore each bracelet has different benefits for the wearer.
4) The Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets when worn, stays in contact with the body and acts on physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, financial aspects to bring positive shifts.
5) The Bracelets look trendy and can be worn regularly. They can be worn with casual, traditional and formal outfits.
6) The Bracelets bring peace, clears negative energies and replaces with positivity, bestows prosperity, stability, grounding, motivation, knowledge, wisdom, courage, will to move ahead in life, success and other benefits.
7) Both Rudraksha and Gemstones heal various physical ailments and bestows good health.
8) The Bracelet help to get relief from ill effect of the different Planets.
9) Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets are perfect gifts for loved ones.

Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets designs, Gold and Silver Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets

Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets are stylishly designed by us at Rudra Centre. The Bracelets are hand strung on adjustable thread, stretch elastic and designed with Silver accessories which adds to their beauty and are comfortable to wear. These lovely bracelets can be worn on a daily basis by anyone who wants to imbibe their healing benefits and can be worn with traditional and casual outfits. The benefits of wearing Rudraksha Beads is tremendous and these Bracelets are endowed with the attributes of Rudraksha beads.

Some of the Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets in our collection are:-

1) Green Onyx and Rudraksha Bracelet - Brings the attributes of the Rudraksha Beads and helps in boosting confidence, improving communication and memory, contributes to healing physical problems like, skin, hair, eyes etc. and helps to be logical.
2) Rudraksha with Sphatik and Red Tiger Eye Bracelet - The combination of the three Beads makes the Bracelet look attractive. Sphatik is Crystal Gemstone. It clears the energy of the wearer keeping him/her in positive vibration, soothes the nerves, motivates, provides courage and strength and many other benefits.
3) Orange Carnelian and Rudraksha Beads Bracelet - The Bracelet looks lovely with faceted beads of Orange Carnelian Beads and Rudraksha with tiny Silver accessories. It is a highly protective bracelet, ushers good luck, lucrative opportunities, helps to activate talents which are lying dormant, is good for creative visualization, draws prosperity, removes lack of enthusiasm, interest, dullness and motivates to move ahead with positivity and optimism.
4) Yellow Citrine and Rudraksha Beads - This bright Bracelet improves confidence, creativity and intelligence, removes depression and negative thinking, helps in thinking clearly, draws prosperity, success, is said to help in healing Diabetes, aids to shine in life and more.
5) Rudraksha with Faceted Crystal Bracelet - The Bracelet is good for clearing the wearer's energies and keeps it in high vibration, brings calmness, balance, harmony, helps to get clarity and receive Divine grace.
6) Om Bracelet in Pure Silver with Rudraksha Beads - Beautiful Bracelet strung with 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Beads with pure Silver Flower capping and a stylish 'Om' symbol. The presiding Planet of 5 Mukhi is Planet Guru or Jupiter, who is a teacher. The Bracelet bestows wisdom, knowledge, education, success, clears self expression and communication, removes shyness, dullness of mind and many more benefits. It can be worn to get relief from ill effects of malefic Planet Jupiter/ Guru/Brihaspati. The Bracelet showers the protection and blessings of Lord Shiva's 5 forms, Rudra Kalagni.
7) 6 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelets - The Bracelet is easy to wear in adjustable thread. The 6 Mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Planet Mars/Mangal and is good for removing malefic effects of Planet Mars. Wearing the Bracelet brings stability, grounding, motivates to take action, helps to face challenges and adversities, grounds, enhances focus, removes tiredness and lethargy, aids in healing knee pain, arthritis and pain in bones and joints.

It is important to buy Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets from a reputed and trustworthy shop or dealer so that you get genuine natural Gemstone and Rudraksha Beads in the Bracelet.

Buy Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets online at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre offers an array of Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets made from 100% natural Rudraksha and Gemstone beads and provide optimum benefits. The powerful Bracelets have Gemstone beads in different shapes and hand strung with Silver accessories to enhance their trendy look. The combination of natural Rudraksha Beads and Gemstone Beads make a profound positive impact in all aspects of life and bestows peace, calm, balance, good health, harmonious relationships, happiness and more. The blessings of Lord Shiva flows to the wearer of the Bracelets. When you buy the Bracelets, we provide a certificate of authentication, on request. You can choose from the various options we offer, as per your requirement and book online with us. We deliver your order, safely packet within a few days of you placing the order. Buy Rudraksha and Gemstone Bracelets online with us at the best price in the market.