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Makar Sankranti is celebrated in order to observe the first day of Sun's transit into the Makara Rashi (Capricorn). It is this time when mid-winter sets in with the days getting longer than the nights. It is to be noted that most Hindu festivals are according to Luni-solar calendar whereas Makar Sankranti is as per the solar calendar.

In Tamil Nadu, it is called Pongal and is celebrated for four days. There is a custom of discarding old clothes and a sweet dish made of rice is prepared. In Maharashtra, ladoo made of Sesame and jaggery is prepared and distributed among friends and relatives. In Punjab, Kheer made of rice and sugar is prepared and people dance around bonfires. In Bengal, this festival is celebrated for three days by preparing sweets made of Date jaggery, rice, coconut and milk. In North India, Sankranti includes celebrating the kite flying festival The auspicious festival of Sankranti is celebrated throughout India with joy and liveliness. Common customs include preparation of sweets and performing the Makar Sankranti Puja Vidhi or rituals. Some people perform Makar Sankranti Homam to gain divine blessings of Sun god.

Spiritual Significance:
Sankranti not only marks the seasonal change that occurs every year but also the changing phase of our life. The essence of every festival lies in cherishing life and offering gratitude. Sankranti is the festival of offering salutation and gratitude to Lord Sun, who offers light, life and nourishment throughout the year. Sweets are distributed among each other signifying forgiveness and overcoming the pains and failure of the past and giving life a new beginning filled with hope.

The beginning of 2019 brings with it this festival of new beginnings. Just like every year, this year too we have brought to you wide range of Makar Sankranti products from around the world which are sure to fill your life, house and surrounding with harmony, abundance, love and positivity.

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Rudra centre team! I received the DVD of Makar Sankranti puja that was performed with my sankalp at your temple. I am blessed and happy and feel that life is starting to take new shapes with positive changes. Also I bought Surya bracelet as recommended by your experts. I can say it has restored my health to normal Feeling blessed!!! Thank you Rudra Centre!
Ganesh Shrivastava.
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