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Greetings from Rudra Centre! Each week, we bring you powerful spiritual and healing items from around the world. This week we bring you Shankhas (conch shells) and Kada (energized bracelets).

Vedas consider Shankha (Conch Shell) a sacred symbol Lord Vishnu and the war trumpet (good over evil). Praised by saints and different scriptures, conch shells epitomize eminence, longevity and prosperity as well as cleanse misgivings, sins and wrongdoing. Also it represents the celestial abode of Goddess Lakshmi. As a symbol of water, a Conch Shell is connected with female fertility and serpents (Nāgas).

Bracelets or Kadas of the divine gods and goddesses enhance your spiritual persona. Apart from being jewelry pieces they mystically attract the cosmological energies that give peace and spiritual enlightenment. For instance, a Lakshmi Kada attracts financial/wealth opportunities. These gods’ bracelets are for their healing properties. Such properties are said to pacify the mind and bestows peace.

Our range of bracelets and conch shells repel negative energies and bring abundance. They make elegantly divine items for spiritualizing your inner being.

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