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Greetings from Rudra Centre on the sacred occasion of Chaitra Navratri!
The nine-day Hindu festival celebrating the power of Shakti is at our doorstep. Chaitra Navaratri marks the beginning of Hindu New Year. This nine-day festival also known as Rama Navratri culminates on Rama Navami, Lord Ram’s birthday.

During these divine nine-days, people fast and worship the different forms of Goddess Durga every day. On day one, Mata Shailputri, the consort of Lord Shiva is worshipped. Day two is dedicated to Bhramacharini Mata, the goddess who observes austerity and bestows peace and happiness. Day three honours Chandraghanta Maa, who is the apostle of bravery and gives strength to fight all demons. Day four is dedicated to Mata Kushmanda, considered the creator of the universe. Day five pays tribute to Skanda Mata, the mother of Lord Kartikeya who was the chosen one to lead the gods during the war against the demons. Day six is for the worship of Katyayni Mata, an avatar of Durga who embodies courage, while day seven is about Kalratri Maa who has three eyes and flame emanating from her breath – her job is to protect her devotees from evil. Navratri also celebrates calmness and peacefulness in the form of Maha Gauri Mata on the eight day – she is believed to forgive her devotees and cleanse them of their sins. And on the last day people seek blessings from Siddhidatri Maa, the goddess endowed with supernatural healing powers, who bestows good health.

On this sacred occasion, invoke the blessings of Goddess Durga by wearing the nine mukhi Rudraksha and worshipping the Goddess in your home. To browse our extensive range of spiritual merchandise dedicated to Goddess Durga or to order a Puja from Rudra Centre,

Durga Mantra:
"Om Giri-jäyayai ca vidmahe sivapriyäyai ca dhimahi | tanno durgih pracodayät"
ॐ गिरिजायये च विद्मिहे शिवप्रियाये च धीमही | तन्नो: दुर्गी: प्रचोदयात ||

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Dear Respected Neetaji,
I want to thank you for making recommendations to my mom. She's been wearing the blue s ring, 7 mukhi with lakshmi pendant, and bracelet of 14 and 18 mukhi. She feels a difference and feels very relaxed. She's very happy with all the items.

S Cynthia
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