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Greetings on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. May this New year bring cheer and abundance to you in all aspects of life.

At Rudra Centre, we constantly endeavour to bring you the best of Rudraksha and powerful spiritual items from across the world. This week, we unveil our impressive collection of Collector-grade giant Rudraksha beads. Nepal beads come in average sizes of 14mm-24mm, while Java beads come in sizes from 4mm- 12mm. Large sizes in these beads are very rare and well-developed ones with excellent symmetry and lustre are called Collector beads.

Compared with normal-sized beads, Collector beads are heavy, lustrous and emit high energy. These rare Rudraksha beads are produced in very limited quantity every season. They may be worn or placed on the Puja altar for worship or kept in safe boxes and also passed on to generations. Collector beads are highly prized and sought after by Rudraksha lovers since they are more potent and act faster due to the large surface area. Due to presence of large thorny surface in Nepal beads, the effects are felt almost instantaneously. Java Collector beads are heavy, symmetrical with clear mukhis. They may be worn or kept in altar.

Rudra Centre has the largest collection of collector beads from the Gauda land in Nepal. We pay farmers before the season starts to get us the choicest beads of the season for our clients. With us, you will find the rarest of beads at reasonable prices. So come and enjoy our exclusive range of the choicest beads that are a delight to own, and ideal for handing down to the next generation.

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∗ Collector 2 to 21 mukhi Trijuti and Savar - Set of 22 Rudrakshas Beads ∗
The Divine Set is a very rare collection of large, superior collector beads from 2 mukhi to 21 mukhi along with Trijuti and Savar Rudraksha beads. The Divine set is a grand and prized possession, a family treasure which is to be passed from generation to generation.

The benefits of the Divine set spans across generations, it provides riches, pleasures, comforts and all earthly desires, as well leads one on to the path of righteousness and Moksha. Due to rarity of the beads only a few fortune individuals can posses this rare possession.
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∗ What Our Clients Say ∗

"Rudraksha" have real power to save anybody from negative energy to positive, courageous life.
My relationship with "Rudra Centre" have more than 5-6 years; " Trust & genuine products" that's the real value of this institution. Believe it or not "Rudraksha" combination advised by "Rudra Centre" will really change anybody's life (Any Religion).
This is in the name of "Lord Shiva", not duping, I'm writing from my heart.

Thankyou very much.
Shaji Kuniyil
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