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Presenting Vastu products to correct Vastu defects and energize your space!
Rudra centre presents you a collection of Vastu items and puja services to fill your space with harmonious and blissful vibes. Our exclusive ranges of products are customized to ensure that the Vastu defects are corrected without having to make major changes to your interiors.

Vastu plays an important role in maintaining tranquility, harmony and inviting good fortune, good health and wellbeing in every living or working space. Vastu Shastra is an effective science of elements and directions which help bring balance, prosperity and good fortune. We at Rudra centre have varied range of products designed exclusively as per Vastu Shastra to effectively remove Vastu defects.

Yantras are diagrammatic representation of different mantras and deities. It helps resonate positive vibes and creative force in environment for wish fulfillment and wellbeing. Perfectly etched Vastu Yantras at Rudra centre help remove Vastu defects and negative influences that cause hindrance to progress in life.

Pyramids are triangular structures that emit vibration that purifies and enhances its surroundings. Rudra centre has Pyramids carved in metals and gemstones to resonate powerful vibes for Vastu enhancement. Himalayan Rock Salt lamps dispel negative ions and purify the aura. We offer stylish Rock lamps that help reduce stress and anxiety when placed in your living space.

Rudra Centre has a wide range of Books and CDS on Vastu which would enhance your knowledge on Vastu and propel positive energies respectively. We also conduct various online Vastu Pujas where all rituals are conducted with Sankalpa as per Vedic rituals by our learned priests for removal of Vastu defects and for bringing harmony, success and prosperity in your home or office.

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To Rudra Centre,
Thank you for the speedy delivery and the kindness that went into this shipping. The Yantras as beautiful and of a pristine quality. You even gave me a free gift! I will most certainly buy from you Centre in the future and recommend it with great confidence.
Best Wishes Eugene
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