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Greetings from Rudra Centre on occasion of Ganesh Jayanti
Ganesh Jayanti, also known as Magha Shukla Chaturthi, Tilkund Chaturthi, and Varad Chaturthi celebrates the birth day of Ganesha, the lord of wisdom and prosperity.

This year, Ganesh Jayanti will be observed on January 31st. This is a popular festival particularly in the state of Maharastra. On this day, an image of Lord Ganesha is made out of turmeric or sindhoor powder, and sometimes from cow dung and worshipped. The image is later immersed in water on the fourth day of the festival. A special laddoo made of til (sesame seeds) and Gur (jaggery) is offered to Ganesha and then distributed to the devotees as prasad for eating. A fast is observed during the day time followed by feasting in the night as a part of the rituals.

In addition to fasting on this day, devotees take bath with water mixed with til seeds, after smearing a paste made out of til (sesame) on their body before they observe the puja rites for Ganesha (also known as "Vinayaka"). It is believed that fasting and worship on this occasion enhances the name and fame of an individual.

Rudra Centre has a range of spiritual items and pujas dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Order a puja from our temple today or conduct one at home yourself using our spiritual merchandise. Browse our range of special products and services for Lord Ganesha below:

∗ 8 Mukhi Rudraksha Combinations ∗

Ganesha is Vighneshvara or Vighnaraja or ‘Vighnaharta’, the remover of Obstacles in the path of success. Ganesh symbolizes a connection with the Roots to achieve stability and strength to overcome all hurdles. Eight mukhi rudraksha gives it’s wearer support and stability in life

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∗ Spiritual Products for Ganesh Chaturthi ∗
∗ Special Pujas to propitiate Lord Ganesh ∗
∗ What Our Clients Say ∗

I have received the items. I want to say that I am so much delighted to see Lord ganesha idol. The yantras are perfect and other items of the order. Collector 10 mukhi rudraksha in silver bracelet is absolutely devine and gorgeous.
Neeta ji Thank you hand picking these items for me. You are very generous I will definitely will be make more purchases from you in future and if I Happened to be India I would personally visit your store and buy a lot of products from you.
I feel completely satisfied with your professional and friendly service.
Thanks once again.
Maninder Kumar
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