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Greetings from Rudra Centre! We constantly endeavour to bring you the best and most powerful spiritual items from across the world. This week, we present an astonishing variety of Yantras etched on Natural Gemstone, Rock, Silk Material and Sculpted 3D metal.

Yantras, also known as Mandalas, are diagrammatic representation of Sanskrit Mantras. They provide a focal point for convergence of the individual soul with a specific deity or creative energy. Yantras from Rudra Centre are perfectly etched and fill your environment with powerful sound vibrations. These Yantras offer complete geometry and are made after extensive research on scriptural reference.

Our Yantras come in vibrant colours and natural materials. Printed on pure silk or etched in natural gemstone or sculpted in 3 Dimensional metals, these Yantras will grace your interiors and resonate divine vibes in your living space. The auspicious Yantras can be hung in the puja or living room or even your office wall. Yantras bring positive vibrations and invite material success and spiritual progress. All Yantras from Rudra Centre are energized prior to sending. Information about the installation process and the correct positioning of the Yantras to attain 100% optimum results will be provided along with the Yantra.

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I am really grateful to you. Although I purchased a small Kuber pendant in copper, I was really satisfied. I requested to send me an extra string which this company has rightly did. Moreover it was energized too as I could rightly get the fragrance of typical Puja and Havaan.

Thanks again. This goes in to show the best practices followed by this company. 
Good luck.
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