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At Rudra Centre, we constantly endeavour to bring you the best and most powerful spiritual items from across the world. Silver is one of the purest metals, free from all doshas and impurities. It is the most auspicious for use in daily puja and worship. Silver metal is prized both as an investment and makes valued gift for loved ones.

Rudra Centre presents an astounding range of Silver puja items, which includes Deity idols, Puja Thali sets, Deity thrones, Lotus and Bel Patra, Deity pendants and Silver Frames. These auspicious items are handcrafted by us and made from the highest grade silver, perfect for the sanctity of your Puja place. What is more, they make excellent spiritual gifts for all seasons. Every silver item we make is cleansed and energised before despatch.

∗ Pure Silver Idols ∗
∗ Elegant Silver Deity Thrones ∗
∗ Designer Silver Haldi kumkum Containers ∗
∗ Puja Thalis in Pure Silver ∗
∗ Puja Essentials in Pure Silver ∗
∗ Spiritual Pendants in pure Silver ∗
∗ Spiritual Silver Bracelets ∗
∗ Silver Diety images in frame ∗
∗ What Our Clients Say ∗

I just wanted to thank you for everything. The little silver puja bell is heavenly. I also have put together a mala from the beads that I've received from you. One mukhi through to twelve. It is very special and I feel the benefits from these beautiful rudraksha.
It is hard to express in words. I want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for being able to receive these blessings.

Om Namah Shivaya
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