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A Yantra also referred as Mandala is a sacred figure or symbol characterized by simple geometric forms arranged in a symmetric design. These are mystical religion based diagrams which have an ultimate reality and are of strong astronomical esthetics. It carries the signification of a mantra or process. It can be etched on a plain surface or made in a three dimensional form or used as an amulet or charm. Adi Sankaracharya's Saundarya Lahiri is an authoritative work on Yantra. The literal meaning of Yantra is: "to control, curb, bind or influence".They can also be considered as diagrammatic representations of different Mantras and thus helps resonate positive energies disperse negative energies and help individual elevate spiritually.

As per ancient Vedic texts there are different kinds of Yantra meant for different purposes. Yantra geometries are three dimensional in nature but are represented as two dimensional when etched or drawn. Different types of Yantra include Planetary Yantra, Numerological Yantra, Yantra for different Gods and Goddesses and others. Yantra represent a Physical force or a creative energy. Yantra in Sanskrit means the chant that awakens energy when you place it anywhere in the environment around you. This energy is said to cleanse the environment and electrify the atmosphere with positivity.

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Benefits of Worshiping and Meditating on Yantras?
Shree Yantra Maha Meru
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