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Goddess Tripurasundari Maha Puja - 27th Feb 2021

27th Feb, 2021

Rudra Centre Puja Services performed Goddess Tripurasundari Maha Puja on the auspicious occasion of Tripura Sundari Jayanti.

Sakhashree Neeta Singhal and her son Divij Singhal took Sankalpa on the behalf of clients.

On this day, Goddess Tripurasundari is worshipped for beauty, wealth, pleasures, debt relief, harmony between couples and growth.

Prayers were offered to Ram Parivar, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Goddess Laxmi, Durga & Navgraha for Health, Wealth, Peace, Prosperity & Protection for oneself, family and the world.

This Puja involved recitation of Tripura Sundari Mantra Japa, Khadagmala strotra recitation, Lalita sahasranaam Recitation, Lalita Trishati strotra recitation by a team of 9 well-versed Bhamins.

Puja was live streamed.

Now looking forward to the Grand Maha Shivratri Celebrations in Rudra Centre.


15th Oct, 2020

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new RRST Centre at Rudra Centre, C-308, Neelkanth Business Park ( Adjacent to Chakra Yog), Vidya Vihar, Mumbai on 15th October, 2020. The opening began with a Vastu puja to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati and Maha Vishnu. Visit our centre for Chakra analysis, Consultation and Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy treatment for Healing Empowerment and Success.

Chakra Yog Foundation and Rudra Centre sponsored a new Selfie Point and Water Station beautification at Mulund station.

2nd Oct, 2020

Sakhashree Neeta Singhal sponsored a new Selfie Point and Water Station beautification at Mulund station in association with Lions Club of Mulund. Many thanks to Prit Designers for the beautiful layout of the Selfie Point. It would surely bring joy and cheer to the commuters.

Sakhashree Neeta Singhal Lighted the Inaugural Lamp. This event is the 151st celebration of Mahatma Gandhi to honour His birth anniversary.

Chakra Yog and Rudra Centre is thankful to Mr Pritesh, President (Lions Club:- Mulund) for giving us this opportunity.

Famous Dignitaries like the District Governor and Senior Railway officers graced the occasion.

Neeta Singhal’s Birthday Celebration

2nd July 2020

Neeta Singhal celebrated her birthday with friends, family and team members of Rudra Centre and Chakra Yog. Prayers were offered to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh & Goddess Laxmi to bring in peace & prosperity. Return gift to the staff along with homemade Sheera made the event more joyous & blissful.


23rd June 2020

Chakra Yogis distributed grocery and basic essential amongst the needy and the Neelkanth Business Park. This was followed by a session on spirituality and benefits of Meditation.

Chakra Yog Feeds the Needy in the Time of Pandemic Corona Virus

14th June 2020

In the midst of the on-going Pandemic, Team Chakra Yog feed food of steamed Idlis to several families who are stranded and need help. Our dedicated in- house team prepared this meal while maintaining all the hygiene and quality parameters and at the same time maintaining social distancing and following Government norms.

We have also started distributing Nutritional and Energy packed food such as biscuits, bread and rusk. Our team is identifying localities were help is required.

Team Chakra Yog thanks the government authorities for helping us and making this possible.

Shri Vidya Puja with Rudram

29th April 2020

Rudra Centre Puja Services performed Shri Vidya Puja with Rudram with recitations of Sri Saundarya Lahari Khadgamala, Lalita Trishakti Lalita Sahasranamam and Shodakshari mantras. Prayers were offered to Shri Yantra, Ganesh, Guru & Saraswati to bring in peace, plenty, prosperity and spiritual augmentation.

Newly arrived Precious Gemstones

Rudra Centre is on an annual purchase of precious gemstones. We purchased high quality Yellow Sapphires, Blue Sapphires and Rubies directly from mines of Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

The gems range from 2 carats- 6.5 carats and that is the popular size range. Each gem is selected on the basis of clarity, high luster, colour and non treatment.

Now they will all go to GII for certification and still if any gem is found treated, it would be returned back to the supplier.

Neeta Singhal’s How To Be Happy Workshop at Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers on International Womens Day.

9th March 2020

Neeta Singhal headed a powerful Chakra workshop on How To Be Happy at Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers wherein she talked about 7 Chakra analysis, how to attune to the laws of life, how to effectively manage stress and how life works though those 7 chakras.

International Women’s Day with Neeta Singhal at Chakra Yog, Mumbai

8th March 2020

Teams at Rudra Centre celebrated the spirit of International Women’s Day. An enlightening talk by Neeta Singhal on women and their unending contributions to the family, the society, the nation and the world was the main highlight followed by a delicious, appetizing sweet treat!

Rudra Centre and LIC Celebrate the Spirit of International Women’s Day

7th March 2020

Celebrating the spirit of International Women’s Day, the Life Insurance Corporation of India invited Neeta Singhal for a vibrant Chkara session on How To Be Happy. This Chakra workshop held at the Navi Mumbai Sports Association focused on the laws of life, stress management and chakra analysis for a happier, healthier and more peaceful life.


25th Feb 2020

Neeta Singhal with renowned singers Pandit Venkatesh and Shailendra Bhartti in Musical Show Vasantotsav hosted by notable singer Suresh Wadkar.

Pottery Event and Feast

24th Feb 2020

Having joyfully organized and celebrated Mahashivratri festival, the good folks at Rudra Centre took a breather to participate in a memorable pottery and sculpture making activity organized by our proud channel partners from Canada Gopinathan and Mrs. Radhika Gopinathan. Guided by expert potters, they made earthen objects of their choice such as deities, vases, mugs and the like. Molding the clay into an object with bare hands was the most satisfying experience!

We thank Gopinathan and Mrs. Radhika Gopinathan for gracing the event of Mahashivratri with their presence at Rudra Centre and hosting a sumptuous feast for all!

Rudra Centre products now available at Siddhivinayak Temple

23rd Feb 2020

You can now get our authentic Puja Samagri items, Rudraksha beads and malas from stores at Mumbai’s iconic Siddhivinayak Temple, Dadar. Do visit the store during your next Siddhivinayak Darshan.

Partner's Meet 2020

22nd March 2020

We at Rudra Centre were pleased to welcome our admired national and global channel partners for the Partners Meet 2020 at Chakra Yog. Discussions highlighted the current growth strategies and future business prospects with respect to new product developments, future-ready systems and expansions.

Mahashivratri Maha Puja 2020

21st Feb 2020

Rudra Centre organized Mahashivratri Maha puja at Chakra Yog. The live streamed 4 prahar puja event, conducted with Vedic austerities by 15 Pundits had received 50 sankalp this year. The Chakra Yog hall bedecked with flowers and graced with aesthetically decorated Deity idols, created a perfect ambience for the night.

The event including Hanuman Chalisa, Shiva Stotra (108 recitations) Bhakti, Bhajan and Aarti, followed by meditation session by Neeta Singhal was attended by over 400 devotees. Four group dances by professional artists and celebrity visit by Smita Jaykar and Sudha Chandran who graced the event with her dance, added a festive finishing touch to this already beautiful spiritual celebration. The Key highlight of this year puja was the Abhishek rituals conducted as per Chakra, where holy offerings including panchamrit included juices and flowers as per the Chakra colour


3rd Feb 2020

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new RRST Centre at Kailas Business Park, Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai on February 3, 2020. The grand opening began with the blessings of Lord Ganesh, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati and Lord Kuber as a special puja to invite their grace was organized. Visit our centre for Consultation and Treatment for Healing Empowerment and Success. We offer free Chakra Consultation and also Clinical Hypnotherapy Services.


28th December 2019 to 31st December, 2019

Chakra Yog had a wonderful 1st day in Tiruvannamalai visiting Ashrams and meditating in presence of Siddh Gurus.

Another blissful second day that started with trekking to Skanda and Virupaksha caves. Here the Chakra Yog is meditated for long hours in presence of divine Gurus. On return, they did meditation to remove 'Karta-bhav', the illusion of doingness under guidance of Neeta Singhal. Evening they visited Navshakti and Navlingam temple and had divine darshan. Upon sunset they started circumbulation around the lingam which is called Giri vallam. This is a 14 km walk or Pradikshana around the holy mountain revered as Shiva. The chakra yogis did this jouney in 4 hours on foot and were full of energy even after its completion.

Rudra Centre Annual Picnic

25th December 2019

Team Rudra Centre stole some time off their busy schedule and went for annual picnic at a Resort. Teams played various team building games at the resort and the best team was awarded. Creative artwork and skit performed by the team were highlights of the day. The team also enjoyed various rides of amusement and Water Park and had a joyful return with music and dance during the journey.

New Year Wish Fulfilment Maha Puja

22nd December 2019

New Year Wish fulfilment Maha puja was conducted in Rudra Centre on 22nd December with lot of devotion and complete rituals in the splendid Chakra Yog Hall.
The magnificent Ram Parivar with Hanuman and Laxmi and Ganesh idols and beautiful decoration of the hall in traditional mix of flowers and greens made a perfect ambience for the divine blessed day that continued till 6:30 pm and ended with Aarti and Havan.
Rudra Centre Puja Services team of 7 pundits completed Hanuman Chalisa 108 times with great devotion and sang melodious Ram and Hanuman bhajans with dholak and kartal that set the spirit of divinity. Over 70 people from Mumbai also participated in the Mahapuja.

The spiritual mood of the live streamed event was amplified with a soul touch dance performance on Hanuman Chalisa by little children from Kartik’s troop troop. Musical presentation by Shweta and Ranjit was the highlight of the puja.
Now looking forward to the Grand Maha Shivratri Celebrations in Rudra Centre.

You Are More workshop were conducted in Malad East for RTO Police

4th December 2019

ChakraYog Workshop - You Are More were conducted for RTO Police in Malad East. 52 RTO Police attended this workshop. Through this workshop the law of chakras were thought thereby leading a healthier, happier and fulfilled life.

I am a Chakra Yogi Level - 3

15th to 17th November, 2019

Team Rudra Centre started their first day of their 3 days residential workshop “I Am a Chakra Yogi – Level 3” with great zeel and received a good response from the enrolled participants. It started with Rudra Abhishek, pujan and aarti was conducted with a lot of devotion and complete rituals.

They then headed towards Modi Resort, Karjat after rejuvenating Moon Light meditation in the Interlink Banquet Open Terrace and relaxing Yoga session the next day morning.

The Chakrayogis spent a blissful weekend, in Karjat with Neeta Singhal, with intensive and fun filled workshop on Chakra lessons, Shiva Meditation, Yoga, Games, Music & Dance. Here are glimpses from this weekend.

Diwali Celebration at Rudra Centre

25th October, 2019

Team Rudra Centre began the auspicious Diwali festival celebration with Dhanteras. The office entrance was decked with brilliantly designed Rangolis and line of beautiful oil lamps. Our Team bagged the first price for its artistic Rangoli with a social message of protecting the Girl child and keeping the Earth Green among 180 rangolis in Neelkanth Business Park. The award was given to them by the panel of five judges that included Neeta Singhal.

NAVRATRI Celebration at Rudra Centre

29th September to 8th October, 2019

Rudra Centre welcomed Durga Maa and commenced the celebration of Navratri by performing Durga Puja and Ghat staphana (installation of Ghat). Maa Durga idol was beautifully decorated and offerings like sweets, fruits and her favourite Sringar items were offered to her. As a mark of victory over vices, prayers were offered to Maa Durga for blessings of growth, strength and auspiciousness.

Navratri was celebrated with great zeal and vibrancy at Rudra Centre with Dandiya and Garba dance performance. The Team decked in traditional attire danced to the vibrant music of Garbha in presence of Goddess Durga idol. Beautifully capturing the joyous, blissful and energetic spirit of Navratri, the celebration was concluded with evening snacks.

Chakra Yog Foundation Relief initiative

3rd October 2019

Thanks for the donation by our esteemed clients towards this initiative. Chakra Yog gathered enough funds to distribute several kits to provide relief to those affected by the recent floods in Kolhapur. The kit containing toiletries and other daily requirement items for women. Our in-house team went personally to this city to hand over the relief kits which were much welcomed by the people.

Chakra Yog workshop - You Are More in Pune

14th September 2019

After successful events in Kenya, Dubai, Mumbai, Chennai, Anand, Vadodara and Nashik there was a wonderful response from Punekars for the workshop “You Are More” in Pune.

Over 250 participants attended the workshop. 50 people availed personal consultation with Neeta Singhal among which some clients attended meditation session in the morning. Press reporters & Electronic media from 25 channels covered the workshop and it was attended by several dignitaries including Mr Choradiya, CEO Pravin Masale, Dr Pallavi Prasad, Director White Divine Events, Ms Tiara, India Global Classic 2018, Mohan Bhandari, music producer MOM India to name few of them. Now this workshop is planned for others cities in India in the coming months.

Chakra Yog workshop in Vadodara, Gujarat

7th September 2019

The workshop was organised by Kiaan Wellness in association with Ambadnya Entertainment. This was an exclusive event for elite members of Baroda Golf Club. This was possible by special permission by His Highness Samarjit Sinh Gaekwad. Many renowned Doctors Industrialists Yoga Teachers and entrepreneurs attend this life transforming workshop. They were full of gratitude and Thanks

Thanks for the excellent response in Nashik

17th August 2019

Workshop of You Are More – 7 Chakra Sadhana received an astounding response in Nashik. Press reporters from 20 news channels covered the workshop and it was attended by several dignitaries. Over 50 people availed personal consultations from Neeta Singhal the following day. Now this workshop in planned for others cities in Maharashtra in the coming months.

Thanks for the excellent response in Chennai

27th and 28th July 2019

Thanks for the wonderful response for workshop ‘You Are More” in Chennai that was held on 27th and 28th July 2019. Over 500 people attended the workshop and several availed personal consultation with Neeta Singhal.

"You Are More" Workshop was conducted in SSL School, Lower-Parel

20th July 2019

ChakraYog workshop You Are More was conducted in SSL, Lower Parel for Teachers and PTA members. 100 members attended this workshop

Thanks for the excellent response in Gujarat

13th July 2019

Thanks for the excellent response in Gujarat.
Workshop of You Are More – 7 Chakra Sadhana received an astounding response in Anand, Gujarat. Press reporters from 22 news channels covered the workshop and it was attended by several dignitaries. Over 40 people availed personal consultations from Neeta Singhal the following day. Now this workshop in planned for others cities in Gujarat in the coming months.

Neeta Singhal's Birthday Celebration

2nd July 2019

Neeta Singhal rang in her 51st birthday with friends, family and team members of Rudra Centre and Chakra Yog. Celebrities Sunil Pal (famous Comedian), Kishore Bhanushali (also called Junior Devanand), Shailendra Bhartti (Singer) regaled the audience and added their unique flavor. Famous Gujrati film producer Shailesh Shah also graced the occasion.

I am a Chakra Yogi - Level 2 workshop

29th - 30th June 2019

Chakra Yogi Level 2 workshop was attended by a Houseful enthusiastic crowd of 120 people. Deeper lessons of the 7 chakras and their meditations and attunement to the path of Yog raised the consciousness of the participants. Stories from scriptures relegated the audience as they understood the deep meaning behind each of them. The workshops started at sharp 9:00 am in the morning and concluded at 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Sound healing by Smita Mistry and Yoga poses by Jyoti Popat helped the participants maintain their energy for the intense meditation sessions by Neeta Singhal.

Thanks For The Grand Response In Dubai

21st June 2019

Chakra Yog with Neeta Singhal had a successful 3 day event from 20th-22nd June in Dubai. Over 200 people visited the workshop ‘You are More’ by Neeta Singhal and several availed consultation with her. With our new outlet of RRST (Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy) opening in Skanda Yoga Centre we are now available to the people in Dubai with RRST remedies for their healing, empowerment and success.

Address: Skanda Yoga Center, lynx tower, 202 office building, Opp. The upcoming Lulu Mall Dubai Silicon Oasis

International Yoga Day - Mumbai

19th June 2019

On account of International Yoga Day, a workshop was conducted to celebrate the spirit of Yoga Day. Attended by 140 participants, the aim of the workshop was about rediscovering and uniting with our innate blissful nature which is the core aim of Yoga. In this workshop Neeta Singhal guided the participants on ways to manage everyday stress, explained about the functionality of life through 7 Chakras and conducted a meditation session for stress relief.

You are More workshop by Neeta Singhal and Smita Jayakar

11th May 2019

An overwhelming response was received for this workshop conducted on 11th May by Neetaji and veteran Bollywood actress and Chakra speaker Smita Jayakar. The Zaveri Ben hall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai was packed with 800 participants who were taken through the journey of the 7 Chakras and given an insight into empowering their life with a practical approach. A meditation session was conducted in sync with Tibetan bowl sound and Gayatri mantra for chakra healing. 15 lucky people won free recommendations while all participants were given Rudraksha as gifts.

Kumbh Mela 2019

25th Feb 2019

Our beloved PM Narendra Modi took a dip in Sangam in Prayagrag for the kumbh mela. Kumbh mela is a timeless tradition that sees millions of people coming to take a dip at the confluence of holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati.

Chakra Yog Workshop - You Are More in Shirur, Pune City

17th Feb 2019

Chakra Yog Workshop - You Are More was conducted by Neeta Singhal in Shirur city near Pune of Maharashtra. It was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of 140 people. The ladies were dressed in red representing the colour of the Muladhara chakra and the men were in white showing the ascent to the white Crown chakra. This was followed by individual counselling sessions that continued till late 11:30 pm.

workshop for Police officers of Andheri, Mumbai Police station

4th Feb 2019

Neeta Singhal held workshop for Police officers of Andheri, Mumbai Police station. She spoke about ways to destress through aligning with the laws of the Chakras and thereby leading a healthier, happier and fulfilled life. It was followed by a balloon game where everyone sent love and forgiveness balloons to the Universe and a 7 Chakra meditation.


30th Nov 2018

Smita Jaykar, a veteran actress from Indian Cinema and a spiritual speaker held a workshop on “Transform Your Self“ as part of Maitri Bodh Parivar in Chakra Yog on 30th November. It was attended by 140 clients who enjoyed the deep meditation experience. Later Smita Jaykar visited Rudra Centre Puja Services Temple and Rudraksha Ratna Gallery and interacted with the Rudra Centre Team.

The glory of Gayatri Mantra

30th Nov 2018

Gayatri Mantra- Our rich Indian culture treasures divine secrets which are very beneficial to mankind. One such super powerful treasure is the ‘Gayatri Mantra’. According to research conducted by Aiims, the Gayatri Mantra has the potential to awaken the supreme conscious if chanted daily. This divine mantra from the Rig Veda enhances and widens the intellect and cognitive behavior of a person.


12th Oct 2018

Neeta Singhal lights the inaugural lamp at Maharaja Agrasena Jayanti Mahotsava 2018
This event is the 53rd celebration of Agrawal Samaj trust and honours the birth anniversary of a legendary Hindu king Agrasen Maharaj and features colorful processions, various cultural programs and selfless social services by its members.


5th Sep 2018

“To be good is noble, but to teach others how to be good is nobler.” - Mark Twain
We can only be happy when we are in Love. And to be in Love all the time we have to rise above judgement and develop deep understanding for others and know how to handle life challenges. It is only surrender that leads to love and happiness.In mark of reverence to teachers on this day, Neeta Singhal conducted a workshop specifically for teachers of AFAC English School, Chembur, Mumbai. 120 teachers including the Principal, Head mistress and Trustees attended this workshop.

PM Modi talks about importance of Aura and Chakra balancing

27th Mar 2018

PM Modi talk on Aura and Energy Healing


22nd June 2018

We are delighted to announce the opening of our new branch at Mutha & Sons Jewelers in Kalyan, Mumbai on June 22nd, 2018. It will be our pleasure to serve you at our new branch. Our new store would have wide selection of authentic spiritual products. Additionally, it a golden chance to avail personal consultation with Neeta Singhal. We welcome you to visit our new branch.

Inaugurated Wellness & Yog Centre – Gujarat

26th Mar 2018

Neeta Singhal inaugurated Tara Wellness Centre and Yog Institute in Bidada, Kutch, Gujarat along with Dr Subramanian Swamy and Acharya Dharmabandhu. She gifted a Collector edition book on Yoga Sutras (https://nightingaleshop.com/the-yoga-sutras-of-patanjali) ) by Patanjali by Nightingale publishers to Sarvodaya Bidada Trustees.

Spread over 7 acres of land, a beautiful institute has sprung up offering Bhakti Yog, Karma Yog, Dhyan Yog and Gyan Yog pathways to seekers to attain higher states of consciousness. The institute based on the lines of Asthang Yog principals also offers various therapies like aroma, chakra, colour etc to help prepare the mind and body for this path.

Women Empowerment: Workshop

15th Mar 2018

Women are the backbone of the society. Their contribution to the family, society and country are beyond compare. Setting an example of a self-empowered woman, Neeta Singhal conducted a Seven Chakra Meditation session in Kandivali (Mumbai) for one hundred and fifty women aimed at helping them develop creative solution and self-worth by removing helplessness.


5th & 6th Mar 2018

Neeta Singhal along with her team conducted a two days workshop on the 5th & 6th March 2018. Around 1,600 students from classes 3rd to 7th of these schools participated during the session. Through this workshop students were motivated to be energetic and hardworking, realising the value of Love, Respect, Power, Independence as the keys to Success. Neeta Singhal counselling sessions had helped the students and faculty members to achieve positive outcome in their personal and professional lives.


25th Feb 2018

If you put all the riches such as gold, precious gemstones of the world on one side of the scale and life on the other side, still it would be difficult to evaluate the value of life. Neeta Singhal visited Mangalam Home for cancer patients and had a brief session on Chakras. She explains the value of life and importance of self-realization as the ultimate human goal.

Partner’s Meet – 2018

10th Feb 2018

Rudra Centre welcomed its global partners across the globe for the 3rd Annual Meet at its Mumbai Headquarters. Highlights were new products launch, sales & business development presentations, training & development of valuable team and the future strategies to further strengthen the brand image across the globe.
Rudra Centre is grateful to all the partners for gracing the Annual Meet event with their presence.

Toiletry Kits distributed in Salvation Army Church (Sion)

14th Jan 2018

Team Rudra Centre celebrated the joyous festival of Makar Sankranti on Saturday by sharing its significance and sweet offerings. Being the first festival of the year, we thought of celebrating Sankrant by spreading the joy through a social cause.
Our team researched and thoughtfully prepared a toiletry kit which contains daily requirements and distributed it among nearly 80 girls of orphanage (Salvation Army Church, Sion). May this year bring loads of happiness and blessings onto everyone, Happy Makar Sankranti !


24th Sep 2017

Neeta Singhal was honoured by Agrawal Samaj Trust as a Chief guest on Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti. She lighted the Lamp on this auspicious day. Agrawal Samaj Trust was founded in the year 1980 with the view of providing better religious, social, educational and cultural exchange in the society.
Since its inception, the Samaj has been striving to maintain a family like environment among members and has been working to build strong unity. Today, the Samaj has around 3300 members which itself is a testament to the progress of this group.

Notebook Distribution

2nd Jul 2017

Team Rudra Centre celebrated Neeta Singhal's birthday wherein the staff performed on some beautiful songs followed by Lunch. The Team welcomed Mr Rishi Hans from USA whose presence blessed the event. Notebooks and stationary items was distributed in Schools to deprived students in VidyaVihar & Sion. Here are some glimpses from the event.

Featured in Cine Blitz

April 2016

Neeta Singhal has appeared and featured in newspapers and media. Her Interview in Cine blitz published in April 2016 highlights her holistic journey. From her own experience, she believes a person’s destiny is predetermined. She says that destiny pulls you so strongly that it leaves no alternative. While you perceive multiple choices in life, when the moment of taking a decision actually arrives, all the other choices seem to be closed and only the option that you are meant to follow seems feasible and convenient. Read the interview here.

Featured on Srishti News Channel

July 2013

Neeta Singhal has been awarded by Srishti News Channel for her outstanding research and work done in the field of Rudraksha and Gems therapy. She was also interviewed by the channel where she talked about identification and healing properties of Rudraksha beads. Watch the entire interview here.

Luncheon with Srikkanth ji

Neeta Singhal shares lunch with India’s renowned cricketer Krishnamachari Srikkanth who has served as the captain in most successful matches.

Honoured For Best Research

Neeta Singhal is awarded for Best Research in Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy® (RRST) by NDTV Profit. Today her research in RRST has helped people across the globe attain physical and mental wellbeing.

Honoured by International Astrology Association

Neeta Singhal being honoured with the Jyotisha Vaghdevi title by the International Astrological Association for her valuable contribution in the field of Rudraksha, Gemstones and alternate healing therapy.