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From : Shalini Mishra, INDIA
Date: March 2012
Subject : Thanks so much for ur consultation
Country : INDIA

Hi Neetaji, First of all thanks a lot..!!!! I am really at peace. Thanks so much for ur consultation. It has really helped me, I really have no words to express the how high I am feeling. Its superb. Looking at the effects, my dad too wants to meet you & wishes to wear rudraksh beads. I am really glad to have ran into ur site :) I am feeling great now very much positive. My dad wishes to meet you & have a small consultation session with you today if you are available. Thanks once again for ur prompt replies & polite approach. Lots of love & Regards. Shalini Mishra

From : Nitya Sri, INDIA
Date: August 2009
Subject : Really in shock
Country : INDIA

I already wrote one testimonial about my Parad Lingam, but now I have to say something about the rudrakshas. I am completely in awe of the fast changes that are happening to me. In fact, I actually wish that there was a warning as to how strong they could be for sensitive people! Please warn the others! I have been using some standard 5 mukhi japa malas for years for wearing and chanting, but none that were truly blessed in a puja, only by my Satguru. I initially ordered a 3 mukhi and 7 mukhi for me and my husband. It was nice to get them....and I could feel that the diffficulties in my life, which are MANY, were easier to handle.  Then I saw the free service for suggestions of rudraksha, and I could not wait to get it done. So I ordered the ones suggested...2,10,11, and 14. But I also wanted 8 and 9. I am currently wearing all of them now and have been for 3 days.  I should tell you that I have been in extreme suffering for many years, along with very physically ill. Astrologers are in awe of my chart because of all the negativities. The first day of wearing the 2,8,9,10,11 and 14 , I literally could not see straight. Call me crazy, but I actually thought I could feel the negative planetary energies moving out of my body...is it possible?? Isn't that what they are supposed to do? Not to mention, the great expansion I feel during sadhana now. I feel happier and calmer, and along with doing my small Shiva Lingam puja each day, I feel that my whole life is changing so fast. I am experiencing mental peace I have been longing for for so long. Thank you SOOO much for having this web site. I also want to add that we ordered a Sri Chakra/Yantra. Last night, Friday, my husband and I installed while I chanted the Sri Suktam. Then this morning, my husband went to the store and was incorrectly given money back for items he purchased, even though he was forthright with the amount that should be paid. Would you believe it if I told you the same thing then happened to me in the evening? I went to the store and the clerk only charged me $1.00 for something that should have been many more even though I spoke to him and told him exactly how much it should be! Already the Sri Yantra is working! Today, we saved money and did NOTHING! Jai Ma!! that is what I am talking about! I am madly in love with the Rudraksha Center (Rudraksha Ratna)...you can ask the customer service people...I send them so many emails...and best of all, they answer them all! BLESSINGS TO ALL OF YOU!! Nitya Sri

From : Marb In, USA
Date: August 2009
Subject : They never had fever headache or flu so far
Country : USA

Dear Ms. Neeta and Rudra Team My order just arrived. I would like to thank you very very much. I also would like to share with you that my children have been wearing their agni pendant and 5 muki beads. They never had fever headache or flu so far not yet. Before my kids was always sick so often. Millions of thanks to the divine beads and wonderful work from Ms. Neeta and the rudra team. thanks again.

From : Manoj kar
Date: May 2008
Subject : Minimum age to wear Rudraksha
Country :

Namaskar!!   My 6+ year old son is wearing 5 mukhi rudraksha from last 1 & 1/2 months appx. & after wearing it his health is quite better now. Earlier he was vomiting every times he takes food, but this problem is almost nil now. So if u ask my personal experience then it is better to advise to wear rudraksha for children of any age, if he or she feels comfortable. I am now planning to give order for 4 mukhi & 6 mukhi beads for my son after seeing the positive result.   regards/manoj kar

From : R.R.
Date: December 2005
Subject : Your beads radiate power I was impressed
Country :

Hi! I'm just writing to say how pleased I am with the service I have received, and my rudraksha. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but as soon as I opened the package and saw the quality of the beads I knew I had come to the right place. My bracelet was exactly what I wanted--not to mention which, the rudraksha smell so good! I'm surprised it is not mentioned that they smell so pleasant. The combination I had was 5 mukhi x 2, 6x2, and 4x3, to help me with my studies. As soon as I put it on my right wrist, my hand started to tingle, like my hand was asleep, but it was very pleasant. This feeling of energy is the same I get while meditating, and to have such immediate and noticable effect put a smile on my face. Your beads radiate power, and I was impressed! I'm so happy with my service and the quality of rudraksha I am going to again order a bracelet, for myself, next month, as per your recommendation with my astrological chart. I have no doubt that its effects will be just as good -- I can't wait to see how it affects me in the long term. The parad bead included at no cost was greatly appreciated. Yours Truly, R.R.

From : Sindhuma Ishaya
Date: May 2005
Subject : About choosing rudrakshas
Country :

Hello everyone! I have been buying and wearing rudrakshas from many sources for nine years. The japa malas from the Rudra center are the very best we have ever found. I do not, however, have any experience with ordering any but the 5-faced rudrakshas. There are numerous websites which charge $50 to $150 for a set of 108 rudrakshas, and several of us tried these but were not happy. We (ISA, the International Society of Ascension based in Canada) first did some research on all the companies that had websites and asked them for information on group discounts (we are a group of teachers and students who practice the Ishaya's Ascension, a simple series of techniques used eyes open or closed) and wanted to order 80 sets for our group. We asked the three companies that responded to send samples (for a fee, of course) and only two responded to that request. There was such an amazing difference in the quality of the rudrakshas! The Rudra Center sent us two 4mm japa malas plus a set of white "rudrakshas"; Maharishi said he has never seen finer rudrakshas with such sweet energy before. Over the years we have been ordering 20 or more sets every few months, and Maharishi Krishnananda continues to say to everyone that these are the very best quality rudrakshas available. I would highly recommend them to anyone. That said, be careful of expecting rudrakshas to fix all your "problems", be it bodily or abundance. They amplify your spiritual energy and can stabilize Samadhi but usually not without the aid of some sort of meditation practiced not such occasionally, but hopefully in every moment. People also should not rush to ask the universe for what they think they want ("There are only two tragedies in this life; not getting what you want, and getting it"-- old Chinese saying) and then wait expectantly for it to manifest. Unless you are already fully conscious, you are not in charge of what gets healed and what gets granted by the universe. Enlightenment is being content with whatever the universe presents to you, and being "okay" with whatever state you are in, in each moment. This is not something you can just attempt to believe; diving into the Stillness as often as you remember is the only way I know of to achieve this. Yes, rudrakshas are very beneficial, and more important than wearing the "right" stones probably, especially if those stones are less than about three carats and do not touch the skin (I am going by what I have been told here; I am not a Jyotish scholar). So, that's my two cents worth! Thanks for listening. Sindhuma Ishaya Source: Rudraksha Bead Societies Club

From : John
Date: November 2002
Subject : healing with Indonesian Rudraksha
Country :

Dear Ms Neeta Here's some update on healing with Indonesian Rudraksha. I was already using a bracelet of 21 (7mm), 5mukhi beads on my right hand. Began to sneeze and nose started running. Head felt heavy, felt very sluggish - onset of flu. It did not get worse nor improved. I had an intuitive feeling to switch the braclet to my left wrist. After switching I felt a tingle of prana moving up from my left wrist to my left elbow. My nose started to dryup and the sluggish feeling went off. No medication. Before using this, I would have gotten medication. After a few days there was another round of very mild sneezing but that was all. It did not worsen. Ever since, I have been using the bracelet on my left wrist. Another observation, after I started wearing Rudrakshas, my energy level is very constant. I do not need to reiki myself. Best wishes. John


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