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From : Vijayan, INDIA
Date: December 2008
Subject : Extraordinary service
Country : INDIA

Namaste ji   I received my goods yesterday and I would like to thank rudra team centre who assist me in purchasing and also for super fast delivery. 10 mukhi , vaijayanti mala, thulasi mala n free japa mala was awesome. The pedestal was awesome too  with great design. Once again I would like to thanks rudra team centre for extraordinary service. god bless rudra centre Vijayan malaysia

From : Narasimhaye
Date: April 2008
Subject : Experiences with 4 mukhi
Country :

I've collected many rudrakshas through the years and had them strung and restrung many times. Twelve years ago when I worked for a legal firm, I was assigned with some  colleagues to a project that required many months of difficult hard work, concentration, insights, scrutiny of papers, compiling files and folders of papers, etc, and client interviews. It was one of the most difficult cases and something didn't meet the eye and the client had a 'faulty memory'. My colleagues and I discussed rudrakshas one day and we decided to go for 4 mukhi malas. Each of us performed the relevant mantra everyday for 90 days. Legal cases always take a long time to resolve but we didn't give up hope even though we were very sick of that particular case without telling our boss. After 90 days, we found each of us had improved mental faculties, intelligence and getting more insight upon further examing the papers, files and folders, and also dealing with the client with more wit. We decided to rest from mantra sadhana for one week and resume again afterwards. During that time, I got a set of 10 mukhi beads from Rudra Centre for wearing with the 4 mukhis. Six weeks into resuming the mantra, our team 'cracked' the case and presented our findings to the boss who then advised the client to also hire a barrister. The case was won. Om Namah Shivaya Narasimhaye, posted on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club

From : Jeff Riley
Date: January 2006
Subject : The energy they have is unbelievable
Country :

Neeta, I just wanted to thank you so very much for these fantastic Rudraksha that you have sent me. The three that were in this order and the 10 mukhi that was in the other order are just beautiful and the energy they have is unbelievable. I will be placing another order in a couple of weeks and sending the Rudraksha I have back so that you can put them together for me in the PD09A design. Again I can not thank you enough for these wonderful Rudraksha. Thank you, Jeff Riley

From : Cheyenne
Date: June 2005
Subject : Ten mukhi protection
Country :

Namaste, I am new to the blissful energies of rudrakshas, though have 30 years of spiritual discipline. Recently something wonderful happened, due to my 10 muhki beads (I think)! For many years I have made psychic protection an art form, and as a healer it is a 'must'. But still I have occasionally been vulnerable to harsh thoughts, words, or confrontation. Since wearing my three 10 muhki beads (plus others from 2-14), I have seen and felt their protective effects on a few occasions. Recently an unwanted thought was directed towards me and I saw it deflect off my left shoulder (looked like a black arrow or shard). I felt no harm or energy loss. In fact, I felt a wave of sustained, positive energy. This is very unusual. So, I have some questions: I could not see where the arrow went after it bounced off my shoulder. Would it return to sender, dissolve, or fall to the ground? If it returned to sender, would the Divine consciousness of the rudrakshas initiate a 'lesson' for the sender? Why would I feel a surge of uplifting energy instead of simply a neutral state? Does the 10 muhki do more than just protect me at such a time? Is there a special energy produced by having the 10 muhki along with certain others that would explain the energy surge? The experience felt like tangible Divine intervention; a sort of 'invincibility'. This is a new experience, and I am happy to feel this powerful shield. Just wish I understood all the aspects of such a phenomenon. I am most appreciative of feedback. Blessings... Cheyenne


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Ten mukhi rudraksha is ruled by Lord Krishna Avatar of Lord Narayan. One who wears it, gets eternal peace. This rudraksha works like a shield on one's body and the wearer gets immense protection from negative energies, evil eye and psychic attacts. Gives success in court cases, land deals and relieves wearer from debts and losses. This rudraksha is mentioned in ancient texts as one of the most powerful rudraksha which pacifies all the nine planets. Read More..