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From : Silver, USA
Date: August 2009
Subject : I feel wide open
Country : USA

I'm a white woman (hindu) who lives in the UK. I own a rudraksha mala with 16mm 5 mukhi beads, and another with smaller 5 mukhi beads. I also own the "unleashing the fire" pendant with 12 mukhi and 2 three mukhi beads. I wear that one to college for every session with good results :) I also find when I wear the smaller 5 mukhi mala along with the unleashing the fire pendant, I feel "wide open". This is the only way I can explain. It's as if my mind has become a sponge and just sucks up the knowledge. best, Silver d.d.

From : Santosh Joshi
Date: April 2009
Subject : I am already feeling positive effects at my work place
Country :

Dear Rudra Centre Team, I am very satisfied in using the 8,11,12 mukhi combination that you recommended for me. I am already feeling positive effects at my work place and my interactions with people. I also feel less attracted to non-veg and alcohol now a days. I have full faith in Lord Shiva and recite the Beeja Mantras daily.   Best Regards, Santosh Joshi

From : Pradeep Balakrishnan, INDIA
Date: September 2008
Subject : You hear what a person is about to say before he says
Country : INDIA

Hari Om! Hari Om Tat Sat! I remember asking Mathshree Shri Neeta for a custom mala of 12 eka mukhi, my reasoning was to link with 12 Adithyas instead of wearing a 12 mukhi Rudraksha.  It was amazing to meditate Hari Hara wearing that mala, a white to yellow spot is very clearly visible even with eyes open or closed or in sleep. You hear what a person is about to say before he/she says but the Upa guru gets an advice to be calm and not to say things which should be realised and not mentioned. When I remove the mala and put it back on Shri Naramadeshwara, I sleep for an hour in front of him .... probably knocked out I guess. I am not sure �knocked out� is the right word, it just takes to a very higher plane and from there it is very hard for an atma to return ... the reaction to everything that happens to that particular jiva (in this case me) in the karmic field was not to react but allow it to play out. You see the entire the course as a time line chart. Subha Dinam Astu! Sarvam Sri Krishna Arpanam Astu! Source: Posted on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club

From : Vimal Goswami
Date: August 2007
Subject : Miles to go before I sleep miles to go
Country :

Dear Madam, The items send by Rudracentre are exceptional on two count. First, reasonableness of cost, second, genuineness of material. These two things are itself sufficient to proof any establishment par excellence. I have received two statues of Ganeshji and Hanumanji carved out of single orange colour japanese coral. I am using these statues in puja since long. I am happy to state that these two items are cent-percent outstanding on the basis of above two factors. I have also received a wind chime with a large 12 mukhi rudraksh. The workmanship and the concept both are very good. Then comes a third factor which establishes the Rudracentre a head of any such other organisation in the world and this is the care taken to ensure even the minutest details while preparing and despatching the consignment . The proof to this manifests itself the moment you open your consignment. All the above parameters have convinced me that Rudracentre has some mission and aim which is beyond the commercial interest and is striving to serve the society also. On this account Rudracentre is rendering very valuable service to society. I can only say- keep it up, the motto of Rudrecentre should be. Miles to go before I sleep, miles to go. VIMAL GOSWAMI

From : Amit Roy
Date: May 2006
Subject : I get a strange sensation or vibration
Country :

Dear Neeta, I have been wearing the 12 Mukhi for 3 weeks now, they are very good. I am writing to you now, because at that point I could only confirm the well received order and your high level of professional service. And my satisfaction with your product quality. But now AM WRITING TO YOU A PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AS A RUDRAKSH WEARER: The energerised beads of rudra centre generate a very pious feeling, and a clamness of mind prevails through my thought process. From the time I started wearing the bead I get a strange sensation or vibration from the point of contact of bead in the middle of chest. Regards, Amit Roy


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