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From : Sandesh K Suvarna, INDIA
Date: July 2010
Subject : In 4 months I got promoted in my job
Country : INDIA

Namaste Neetaji,   Thank you for your kind response,i had some time back purchased a 13 mukhi rudraksha from rudraksha ratna, and i found the difference in 4 months I got promoted in my job and my financial stability improved , i really thank you people for the providing a genuine rudraksha.   Thanking you for your kind services. Sandesh k suvarna

From : Tej
Date: May 2008
Subject : Able to attract any woman that I like
Country :

Ever since purchasing the 13 mukhi (2 weeks ago) I have thought that "oh yeah I am going to be able to attract any woman that I like."  from what I have seen the 13 mukhi does attract women to you. It actually brings them to you somehow. They will entice you or flirt with you as a result of wearing it, they however may not be as beautiful as you desire. What I have read is that the 13 mukhi like all rudrakshas creates noble character in the true rurdrakshari. So the 13 mukhi even though it attracts will fundamentally take you to the right partner, because it will create harmonious married life. It will help you find the right partner for life. I have attracted greatly women there is no doubt. I for some reason have stilled stayed noble in conduct however. I have chosen not to fall into the amorous delights that have presented themselves before me, Lord Shivas doing.

From : Ishwar
Date: November 2006
Subject : Results of wearing 13 mukhi
Country :

I used to wear a 13 mukhi single bead in gold capping, and that was my best period of life. Most of my wishes came true. My family wanted to visit USA, out of blue my brother who is USA resident sponsered trip for whole family. I purchased my own house, got promotion etc. I finally gifted that 13 mukhi to my brother in law (my wife's brother) on my wife's request, as he had loses in business and was about to become bankrupt. After wearing 13 mukhi my brother in law also came out of crisis. I suggested 13 mukhi to one of my colleague who was layed off from job, after wearing 13 mukhi he was offered job in same company at different location and he is also observing other benefits. Regards, -Ishwar-

From : Richard Shaw-Brown
Date: November 2006
Subject : 13 mukhi rudraksh bead Jaya ho
Country :

Namaste!!! I wear a 13 mukhi for artistic ability and comfort. And I wear several other mukhis as well. I really like 13 mukhi. Here's a great story from now. My 57 years old sister just visited Bangkok. For 30 years she was very fat, and never happy about that. One year ago I gave her a 13 mukhi to wear. And now she has lost 46KG and never felt better in her life. Amazing!!! My Mom is 81 and she wears a 13 mukhi Gauri Shankar and looks like 70 and feels fine. They just returned to USA yesterday. 13 mukhi are wonderful!!! Best wishes, Richard

From : Cheyenne
Date: April 2006
Subject : Wearing the Akarshaya mala has the effect of empowering the individual
Country :

I have been wearing my Akarshaya Siddh mala for one year. Some of the things I have observed are these: I have more energy, greater levels of creativity, and many new things are coming into my life. In fact the number of choices presented to me -- perhaps due to the 13- mukhi bead --is incredible. I am making some big decisions now, that I had not considered before having the mala. One of them is to return to the US where I was born, after living in Canada for over 40 years. There are many aspects of my life that are better, but in general I would say that wearing the Akarshaya mala has the effect of empowering the individual and helping them to find a better direction. Blessings... Cheyenne Posted on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club

From : Amit Patel, North Carolina
Date: March 2004
Subject : It has helped me very much
Country : North Carolina

Dear Sir or Madam- I have previously ordered from you a 13 mukhi rudrasha. It has helped me very much, and I am extremely grateful for the free gifts that you gave me of the crystal mala. Thank you again. Amit R. Patel Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant The University of North Carolina at Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice


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13 mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by Lord Indra and Lord Kamadeva. Fulfills wordly desires of the wearer. Gives hypnotic power of attraction (Vashikaran) to the wearer and blesses him with divine charisma and immense power. Also used to awaken many Siddhies and raise Kundalini energy. Read More..