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From : Mark, USA
Date: December 2010
Subject : Rudrakshas are better than wildest dream
Country : USA

Dear Neeta, Rudrakshas are better than wildest dream. 14 mukhi made all the difference for me. I could never relax enough to get benefits from other beads. Always fight fight fight in my head. Now my whole body is relaxing and tension is melting away. Your love and generosity is very special. Thank you for making this healing possible. Regards, Mark

From : Santosh Joshi, INDIA
Date: June 2009
Subject : It was like a dream come true for me
Country : INDIA

Dear Rudra Team,   I am very happy to inform you that I have received my beads today. The very sight of them has given me immense joy and happiness which is indescribable in mere words. For sure I have instantly fallen in love with the 14 mukhi. Its simply such a beautiful bead.  I can't thank you enough for the joy and satisfaction you have given me. It was like a dream come true for me. I have immediately worn the beads upon receipt. I removed them from their silk thread and put them in my Silver chain alongwith earlier beads as per sequence suggested by you earlier.   Thank you very much again,   With Warmest Regards to the entire team, Santosh Joshi

From : Young chuenyee, USA
Date: April 2010
Subject : My heart was beating faster
Country : USA

Dear All, Last time I have ordered some loose rudraksha bead for my own design necklace, I felt the impact power go through my hand when I hold the 14 mukhi bead and my heart was beating faster, it's supernature! All the beads quality is good and the special despatched box is wonderful! Thank you very much and I was so lucky to land on your web. Best regards with the best wish to all of your team. Young

From : Vignhesh
Date: August 2008
Subject : Rudraksha works in mysterious ways
Country :

I would like to tell you one thing as you said rudraksha will give us mistrious experince, when i got my 14 mukhi and wore it with in a week i lost my job in middleeast i had a shock of my like i thought for a movement i made a mistake of wearing a rudraksha paying a huge amount but since i had a belief that rudraksha will never harm me i waited exactaly 30 days i got the job where the salary is dubble then the first one. this is really wonder of the world   jai shivshankar best regards Vignhesh Posted on Rudraksha Beads Societies Club

From : Sanjay Negi
Date: September 2007
Subject : I got distasteful towards the non veg
Country :

I would like to share one event with me. I was cooking chicken while wearing 14 mukhi and believe me sir ... I got distasteful towards the non veg... and I have left eating all non veg since that day .. its been more than 15 days ... before that I used to have no veg almost everyday. Thanks.. Regards Sanjay Negi

From : Sridharan R
Date: July 2007
Subject : Why I did not buy it earlier
Country :

Dear Sir, I received my 14 Mukhi Ajna Chakra Mala from Rudra Center, Bombay. I have no words to describe the beauty of the Mala. From the time I ordered it, I have felt the effects of this wonderful mala. My only regret is that why I didnot buy it earlier. Thanks, Sridharan.R, Banff, Canada

From : Nayan
Date: November 2006
Subject : The extreme powers of the 14 mukhi
Country :

Hi! I would like to thank you very much for sending out my order extremely fast and also showering us with so many free gifts that we are so overjoyed!! We felt the extreme powers of the 14 mukhi as soon as we received our package and it was a wonderful experience! We would like to thank everybody at the Rudra centre for their kind help and hard work. Many Thanks Nayan

From : July 2006
Date: A. T.
Subject : Deva Mani
Country :

Dear Mrs Neeta, On Monday I started to wear that wonderful 14 mukhi rudraksha bead what I received from Rudra Center and I experienced its benefits in a short time. I couldn't accomplish my job for many months, because I faced many obstacles, but suddenly everything is working fine. Also the experiences in my meditation became much more subtle and deeper. I felt that something is blocking my progress, but now with the help of this blessed rudraksha my life goes to the right direction again. I think, that wearing a powerful rudraksha is similar than doing a yagya. Many thanks for You and the Rudra Center, I feel really fortunate to have this beautiful Deva Mani and I am very grateful for the nice gifts. Dhanyavad Best regards, A. T.

From : Joaquim
Date: May 2006
Subject : 14 mukhi results
Country :

Hi, Dont know much about past Life Poona Samskaras, But the 14 mukhi bead really works for me, Today is the 15th Day am wearing it, and in the last one week have got 2 good work projects, which seemed impossible for a couple of months before i could wear the bead, also a man who has lived a life of 38 years of relishing Non-veg food, has been a complete vegetrain for the last 15 days without regret, the bead really seems to change your thinking, you are more peaceful and calm, people and surroundings are also more friendly. On more thing I would love to add is the first few days after wearing it, I had severe acidity problems with in-digestion and severe headaches, but guess that was some kind of cleansing process happening, cause I feel so good and light as far as my health is concerned. Hope this helps those who are seeking the effects of 14 mukhi Rudraksha. God Bless You All Joaquim

From : Joaquim Rodrigues
Date: May 2006
Subject : Lived 37 years of Non veg diet now a complete vegetarian from last 7 days
Country :

Rudra center deserve respect, and recognition for their expertise and honesty. I purchased my 14 mukhi Rudraksha, Well the piece came in such a beautiful packed silk bag, and when i opened it, was amazed to see it so well done with solid gold caps, and looked so attractive. Being a numbered edition, the number was embossed on the rear side of the gold cap and a certificate of authenticity was attached to the same, cant say much about the vibes, cause just been wearing it for one week now, but one thing is for sure a man who has lived 37 years of Non-veg diet, seems to be a complete vegetarian from last 7 days without any regret, well the urge to eat non-veg food is completely diminshed. This mail I am writing so that it can catch the attention of rudraksha seekers, who are looking at buying genuine Rudraksha. My thanks to all those who serve the community to enhance people's life like mine, in troubled moments of our life. Regards Joaquim Rodrigues


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Knowledge Bank
14 mukhi Rudraksha is the most precious divine gem - Deva Mani. It is ruled by the mighty Hanuman. Infuses wearer with a strong will, a brave heart and the courage to overcome all odds. Lord Hanuman is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Shri Hanuman is the epitome of sincere devotion and dedication, being a great disciple of Lord Rama. 14 mukhi Rudraksha invokes The Hanuman in us, which is being fearlessness and doing what comes naturally to us, maintaining a balanced and steady approach and Identifying our latent potential.This rudraksha is the ultimate protector from the evil effects of Mars and thus pacifies mangal dosha in a chart. Read More..