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From : Malini, USA
Date: July, 2018
Subject : My mother blood pressure started dropping and her medicine had to be brought to a minimum level
Country : USA

I purchased the sarva siddha combination for my mother who has been suffering from high blood pressure and cholesterol for the last 20 years and was on medication. After wearing rudraksha, her blood pressure started dropping and her medicine had to be brought to a minimum level, her cholesterol decreased and her medicines had to be completely stopped. Overall she feels very peaceful and calm after wearing rudraksha.I have been wearing sarva siddha rudraksha combination for the last 4 years. I did not see any drastic change right away but there were small changes here and there. After one and a half years of diligently wearing the rudraksha my major health issue of stomach acidity went away without any medicine. I also listened to Neetaji's videos on chakra and tried to apply the lessons of manipura chakra in my life and the result was immediate. My manipura chakra which was poorly balanced has improved a lot over the last 4 years. Thank you for all you knowledge and help. I will never forget the first email I received from you. I have learnt so much from you over the years.

From : Ranjana, India
Date: November 2014
Subject : I wore it I was completely happy and became fearless
Country : India

I\'d like share my wonderful experience with neeta ji. She is amazing and god bless her. Today I received my sarva sidh a bracelet and d moment I wore it I was completely happy and became fearless. Amazing feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much madam. Just love you ☺

From : Adam, UK
Date: April 2012
Subject : Sarva Siddha Combination
Country : UK

Dear Mayank, Thank you so much for such beautiful, wonderful spiritual items arriving so quickly! I am so pleased to be able to wear my Sarva Siddha Combination for the first time on Akshay Tritiya. I feel so utterly blessed to have the support and benefit of this Rudraksha combination. I am so grateful for Neetaji, you, and your coworkers for making this possible! Om Namah Shivaya, Adam

From : Ajay, INDIA
Date: January 2012
Subject : Substantial improvement in my condition
Country : INDIA

Dear Neetaji, It is two months since I approached you with suggestions for treatment of my feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, stress, suppression of all emotions with consequent muscular tension, and forgetfulness; and vulnerability to the opinions others have had of me. You had suggested a combination of rudraksha beads in three phases. Two months later, I am wearing a 2 to 16 mukhi combination with a phasing on from mala to two bracelets. I hope to get a 17 mukhi bead when I am able to afford it. I trust it might help the letting-go process to happen more easily. I began experiencing a slight breaking up of muscle tension in my shoulders and legs within 6 hours of putting on the mala. Within a week, I began to feel a greater sense of calmness and focus with intermittent feelings of distraction and tension. However, the moments of calmness gradually increased, though moments of distraction are still present. Over time, with increasing awareness, it got easier for me to recall past threatening memories that I was not able to face earlier. I was able to face and come to terms with them. And with this, muscle tension began breaking up further. When I added the 9 mukhi bead a week ago, I felt strong currents of energy through my body especially when I lay down to sleep. I know I have a further road to travel before I am able to release emotions and dysfunctional patterns that I had built up over the last 40+ years of my life. However, I am hopeful that the path ahead will lead to substantial improvement of my condition. I am grateful that you have responded promptly to my constant queries for guidance. This made me feel you were personally interested in helping me overcome my difficulties. I pray for you and invite blessings on all the members of your compassionate organization daily. May many more be helped through rudraksha therapy. Gratefully, Ajay (Name changed on request)

From : Virendra, US
Date: September 2011
Subject : I am already feeling magical effects
Country : US

Dear Neetaji, This is second month I am wearing Siddh Combination and I am already feeling magical effects. Most of my problems seems to be under control. I am feeling much better, light and blessed. I really appreciate your suggestions and I am extremely grateful for your unconditional support. You suggested to add 15,16 & 17 mukhi to Siddh Combination. I intend to add these divine beads to my bracelet. Regards Virendra

From : Steve Barlaam, USA
Date: September 2009
Subject : The spiritual energy coming from it is amazing
Country : USA

Dear Ms. Neetaji,   I just received my Siddh Mala.   I wanted to thank you for choosing the most beautiful Rudrakshas for my Mala. They are of the best quality I have ever seen. I love the design you created and it fits me perfectly. The spiritual energy coming from it is amazing!   Thank you very much again for your help and assistance in creating this Holy Siddh Mala. I really appreciated it.   Om Shanti Om, Steve Barlaam

From : David, USA
Date: May 2009
Subject : Awesome beauty of the beads of the Siddh mala
Country : USA

My eyes were filled with tears at the awesome beauty of the beads of the Siddh mala as I held it in my hands. No wonder I was so drawn to them the moment I set eyes on your website . Knowing Rudraksha is the best thing ever happened to me all my life.   Har Har Mahadev David USA

From : Kanya, INDIA
Date: April 2009
Subject : The mala looks fantastic
Country : INDIA

Dear Rudraksha Team   I received my siddh mala on the 27th. Thank you very much for such a quick delivery. The mala looks fantastic. After seeing the beautiful piece lot of my friends also want to order from you. I am also recommending your sight to my realtives too. I think we are going to have a long standing relationship. Very soon will trouble u again with my next order. Till then bye for now!   My heart felt thanks once again   Regards Kanya

From : Maharaj
Date: March 2009
Subject : All doubts are cleared now after I visited Rudra Centre
Country :

Ohm Namah Shivaya Just a week before I bought one sidha mala from Rudra centre. Its beautiful and great. I feel very good compare to earlier weeks. They told me that mala would effect after 45 days. But I could feel the difference from the day I started wearing. I had some doubts on the rudraksha and I have searched several websites and read puranas also. All are cleared now after I visited the website: http://www. rudraksha-ratna.com. Ohm Namah Shivaya Thanks Maharaj

From : Marb In, USA
Date: February 2009
Subject : His back pain went away
Country : USA

Hello, Ms. Neeta and Rudra Centre staffs I would like to let you know that i received my orders. I thank you for the very fast delivery and what a wonderful craftsmenship that was done on my beautiful Siddh mala necklace silver. Also along with so many wonderful gifts that you gave me. Also i would like to tell you that i put 3 five mukis in a glass every night and have my husband drank in the morning about two days his back pain went away. He been suffering with back pain for over 16 years. I am very glad to have find your website. My husband and i would like to thank you very much for everything and loves you guys. We have faith in you Ms. Neeta and your staffs and also in the divine beads. Sending many angels blessings forever thanks again. Marb In and Family


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