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From : Tyler, Kentucky, US
Date: December, 2015
Subject : The beads are very high quality and put together nicely
Country : Kentucky, US

I love the rudraksha mala I ordered. The beads are very high quality and put together nicely. Thank you for a wonderful product!

From : Sindhuma Ishaya
Date: November 2006
Subject : New rudraksha malas have some sweet gentle energy
Country :

Here's my two cents worth. New rudraksha malas like the 4mm ones I wear have some sweet, gentle energy when they are new; I changed out the rudrakshas on my three 108 malas (each with Jyotish stones) and it took months for them to re-energize as they were before. The more time you spend wearing them and meditating with them, the more energy they carry. I can only imagine what the energy of an Indra mala would be after meditating with it touching the skin for several years! As soon as I have enough money, I will get one from the Rudra Center. In the meantime, having a japa mala or two with your Jyotish stones is a pretty sweet deal. Sindhuma Ishaya Visit the Ishayas at www.ishaya.org

From : name with held
Date: September 2006
Subject : Miracle two Power of Gayatri Yantra Mantra and Rudraksha Mala
Country :

Dear Neeta, Namaste Miracle two: Power of Gayatri Yantra, Mantra and Rudraksha Mala (purchased from you) One of my younger brother is alcoholic and he has been worse since last two years. He has undergone detoxification and treated with all of sort psychotic drugs. Nothing stopped him and he continued to go down the same (destructive) path. He has also two kids, 7 year old boy and 5 years old Girl. He runs a business. We were out of our wits as he was the best brother and friend. I looked after children on Saturday to keep them of this situation. Anyway, I gave them Gayatri Yantra, Rudraksha Mala and instructed them how to pray and we prayed together. They can recite perfectly and they believed in it and followed it with their pure heart. Then it happened. One day, he stopped the drinks for some reasons and he had never had drink after it. He says that he cannot stand smell of it now. Doctors did not believe him how he managed to do so. Now he also recites Gayatri and wears Rudraksha Mala that I gave to him as a gift. It all happened after one week of prayer. Children prayers were heard. Gayatri came to this rescue. He is the best daddy in the world according to them. I too believe them. I am a witness to these miracles. If anybody read this story and realize the power Rudraksha Mala and Gayatri, then I would have done a service to God. Please feel free to publish this story but do not use my name as it is very a personal story - publish under the name withheld for privacy. You may run a business but you are also providing a service to a lot of people. The person who handles holy objects, must also be good person who would impart their positive energy on the goods they sell. It is the reason that you would also play a part in all the miracles that would happen to people in their life. All are inter-connected and fate would bring them together because we were here before. Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti Kind Regards name withheld for privacy

From : Name withheld (for privacy)
Date: September 2006
Subject : I would like to share a miracle in our life
Country :

Dear Neeta, Namaste My sister-in-law recently had open-hear surgery. She has also diabetic with high blood pressure. It is very complicated case medically. She has gone through hell and back she is fine now. It was an open-heart surgery because both of her main artery was blocked both side of the heart. Miracle one: Power of Rudraksha Mala For some reasons, her sugar level did not come down even with insulin injection and it was always up. Then a miracle happened. I sent them two Rudraksha Mala that I purchased from you. But Australian Custom did not allow through because they are originated from Plants. Brother had to pay fumigation. It reached them after two weeks. Meantime, she had to go through all sort of tests and she was not herself. As you know, when lady of house became sick, everything stands still and house became gloomy place. Nothing is done. Rudraksha Mala arrived on Friday morning before she had to hospital for more test and insulin injection. Before they (my brother and sister-in-law) went, they both wore the Mala and prayed. At the hospital, suddenly she said that felt normal and pain subsided. Sugar level came down. No insulin injection was needed. She has been very happy now and her health has improved. She is now as before happy. She does everything as before the operation. Everything has returned normal. You can hear laughter in the house now. But your Rudraksha Mala helped her as it is very original and God answered their prayers. My brother and their children are so happy and she is going to work as well. I have to write this story to let other people know that miracles do happen and it could happen to you if you believe in God, pray and ask for the help "Ask you shall be given, seek you will find, and Knock it shall be opened" Thanks again for your service for the people and the God. I am also sure that you had also played a part in this story. May God bless you and your company for the great service you provide for all the people. Ohm Shanti Shanti Shanti Regards Name withheld (for privacy)

From : Saba
Date: August 2006
Subject : There has been some miracles
Country :

Dear Neeta, Namaste I received the rest of the order today. Thank you again from bottom of my heart for gifts enclosed. I ordered more on Monday after I contacted you. I am very happy with all holy items I bought from you and they are so unique and wonderful to have with me. I have given some of them as presents to my brothers and their children's. You wouldn't believe if I told you. There has been some miracles happened to one of my brother after one week of having Gayatri Yantra and Rudraksha Mala. I am so happy with the blessings and so my brother's wife and children. Everyday, I see it and experience it. It also brings joy into our life. I could say without a doubt that you have been part of this miracle. May Gayatri bless you and your company for the great services that you provide for the lost souls. It has been my fortune to find your company. Ohm Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Regards Saba

From : Rajesh S.
Date: April 2006
Subject : Hats off to your customer service
Country :

Hello Rudra Center Team, Namaste. I received today Rudraksha mala along with all the goodies you had sent. I received the mala as per the scheduled time and the packaging is also excellent. You have responded to all my queries patiently and promptly, hats off to your customer service. I have always been looking for site where I could get all the puja items and you are one of the best site I have come across, you can count me as one of your loyal customer, I will come back to you with further orders. I have already informed about your wonderful service to my friends and relatives and one of them have already become your customer. Thanks !! Rajesh S.

From : Vimal Goswami
Date: December 2005
Subject : Rudra Centre is distributing items for charity
Country :

Dear Madam, I have received item against order no:5059. There are 2 items, one 2 mm five face rudraksh mala and one svetark ganesh. Alongwith many complementary gifts. The quality of items is superb. I am using rudraksh in puja for last 25 years and have searched for them across India, Nepal. I can vouch that no one can get such a good rudraksh and pooja items even after paying 5 times of your cost. In fact the quality is so good and prices are so less that I find that Rudra Centre is distributing these pooja items for charity for welfare of society. I have really become ardent fan and supporter of Rudra Centre. This was my first purchase. God bless you and your group. vimal goswami

From : Shiva
Date: November 2005
Subject : Rudraksha Mala
Country :

Dear Neethaji, Namaste. I have received my order and they were so beautiful. Thank you very much for all your help to choose Rudraksha mala and for those free gifts. I am going to wear it on coming monday. Thanks for all your help again. I will refer people to Rudraksha Ratna if I am across anybody who are interested to buy Rudraksha Mala. Regards, Shiva

From : Tamas Arpad
Date: November 2005
Subject : The Rudraksha is really a Divine Gift
Country :

Dear Ms Neeta, Yesterday I received the package from Rudra Centre. Thank You very much for this beautiful Rudraksha mala and for the presents. I have to wait a few days for a good muhurta to start wearing it but i have already a good experience. It was enough to hold in my hand to get solution and answers to some of my problems. The Rudraksha is really a Divine Gift. I wish You and the Team of Rudra Centre a lot of succes and fulfilment in your Mission. All the best, Tamas Arpad

From : G. Jayakumar
Date: January 2005
Subject : My stress and depression is also getting a little better
Country :

I received the order two weeks back. But I am waiting for pradoksham to wear it. But I did keep the yantra in pooja altar. Good things have started happening within a week. My wife got a job as well as my stress and depression is also getting a little better. The rudraksha mala is beautiful. Once again thanks for the wonderful gift too. I have also ordered rudraksha for my wife waiting for it to arrive. Looking forward to having a pleasant journey of my life with the blessings from Rudra Centre. Thanks for everything. G.J.


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