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From : Tuhin Subhra Bhattacharya, India
Date: September 2014
Subject : I have chosen the right partner to buy spiritual and religious items
Country : India

A week back I have received the Narmada Shivalingam pendant (Small) I had ordered. Thank you for sending me the product on time and with efficiency. But I could not stop myself from writing to you for the striking beauty of the product.Frankly speaking, I did not expect the product to be so exquisite which far exceeded my expectation. It even looks and feels much more beautiful than what appears on your website. Holding it in my hand for the first time, I could feel the genuineness and authenticity of the product. Even the packaging and delivery were extremely good. Moreover, I really liked the way in which you had tied a nice white silk cord with my pendant so that it would be readily wearable for those who do not have a separate chain or cord ready at hand. Now I know I have chosen the right partner to buy spiritual and religious items from, which I would strongly advise also whoever asks me for such a suggestion. Thanking you and best regards, Tuhin

From : Claire Bellenis, USA
Date: August 2012
Subject : It is so beautiful
Country : USA

I would like to thank you very much for the prompt arrival of the Shiva linga stone. It is so beautiful and I do appreciate the fact that you acted so quickly and efficiently. I would also like to thank you for the gift. Yours most sincerely, Claire Bellenis

From : Roopa, INDIA
Date: August 2009
Subject : The saying Satyam Sivam Sundaram is apt for the lingam
Country : INDIA

Dear Rudra Center Team, Namasthe! Received The Narmada Lingam on friday. It is very magnificent and royal in the yoni base you have provided. The culmination of our rudraksha purchase was the narmada shivji. All of us were very emotional after seeing the beautiful Natural Lingam. The saying 'Satyam sivam sundaram' is apt for the Lingam. Feel very very humbled. Hope we can serve Shivji with atmost humiltiy. That is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Thanks and warm regards to every one at Rudra center. Roopa

From : Charles P
Date: June 2007
Subject : I want to thank India for having preserved these traditions
Country :

I just received my package containing the rare black 10 inch narmada shivalinga and the parad bracelet. I had been inspired the night before to arrange the other large shivalingas I have in my temple to represent the four directions of the compass as well as the four varnas and the four elements. My biggest one is a brown narmada shivalinga that is a foot long and weighs 20 pounds. As I pulled the living embodiment of Lord Shiva out of the plastic, I felt giddy all over as a girl about to be wedded to her husband. The linga fitted perfectly into a white marble mortar I had bought many months ago and had never used. So I placed this rare shivalinga in the very middle of the four shivalingas to represent the fifth element of space. It is surrounded by four votive candles placed in candle burners that burn all day every single day. I poured ganges water over the linga and smeared it in ghee as well as put the votive powder you gave me (thank you). So as you can see, Shiva knew exactly where he was going. Something so rare and precious can never be a mere decoration!!!! Never. I want to thank you for all the rudraksha and the CD's you gave with it all. It just shows how much you care about what you send and who you send it to. I want to thank India for having preserved these traditions. In that way, we in the west can help revive traditions that have been suppressed for centuries. I feel personally responsible for the revival of Phallus worship in the west. I feel specially touched and moved by Shiva. So much so that I could not sleep without his embrace. I also religiously wear the 12 mukhi bracelet I bought from you. I feel blessed that Shiva loves all of humanity and wishes all of us to be a part of his fold. Please continue the good work. Charles P

From : Indivar Sivanathan
Date: April 2006
Subject : Will recommend Rudraksha Ratna highly
Country :

Thank you for the prompt shipping of my order, received a few weeks ago. Everything arrived safely, and the rudrakshas are just beautiful. Will have them blessed at Kadavul Temple on the island of Kauai. Narmada lingam is such an interesting one. Thank you also for the gifts of mala, CDs, gold coins, yantra, and navaratna necklace, which is adorning the Siva Nataraja in the shrine room. Will recommend Rudraksha-ratna highly. Aum Namasivaya, Indivar Sivanathan

From : Ila Patel
Date: April 2006
Subject : You did a great and a wonderful job
Country :

Dear Ms Neetaji, I received everything you sent me yesterday in good condition and I love my Shivlings with Abhishek pot, snake and stand. You did a great and a wonderful job. Thanks. Thanking you in appreciation. With regards, Ila Patel

Date: March 2006
Subject : Rudra Centres customer service is highly commendable
Country :

Namaste Ms Neetaji, Received the Narmada Shiva Lingas in excellent condition yesterday. It was a joyous day for me. Many thanks for your kindness in replacing the item and sending them fast. Rudra Centre's customer service is highly commendable. Rest assured Rudra Centre will have another regular customer henceforth. God Bless. Om Namah Shivaya. Best regards CHANDRA MOGHAN SP

From : Will - Logg
Date: January 2006
Subject : Thank you
Country :

Dear Ms Neeta, Namaste! I am most lucky that you get new group of Narmada Shivalingas. The Narmada Shivalinga with crescent on head is most auspicious and right on time for February when night of Shiva will come. Thank you for gifts of shawl, ganga jal and Rudraksha mala. As always, package is quickly to me in three days time and contents of package is always a joy and pleasurable surprise every time I open a Rudra Centre package. Cordially yours, Will Logg

From : Denise Bezanson
Date: January 2006
Subject : Rudraksha presents were a great hit
Country :

HI Neeta, It was so busy at Christmas that I didn't have time to thank you for picking out the particular Shiva Linga that you sent. It came safely and on time and it was a great hit with my husband, and he was so surprised. We love it, it has an amazing power/energy. All the Rudraksha presents were a great hit with all the family, from ages 24 to 86! Thanks again for picking that out for us. Happy New Year, Denise

From : HS Wong
Date: November 2005
Subject : Within an hour the ambient reading dropped
Country :

I received my 11 inches shivling today. Within an hour the ambient reading of my office dropped from 0.02mG to 0.00mG. This is a measurement of the ambient EMF in my office from computers, etc. It had never measured zero before. I asked one of my qi gong colleagues to test the energy or "qi" coming out of the stone. She started for 2 or 3 minutes confirming strong energy emanating from the stone. Suddenly she screamed out that the stone is "smoking". I asked her to continue and she went on the describe a stream of mist-like substances coming out of the stone and drifting around the room. Being able to see "qi" is a rare occurrence and not every one have the opportunity to experience it. One of the other office colleagues confirmed seeing the mist-like substance coming out of the stone. I write this to say that I am extremely pleased with my dealings with Ms. Neeta thus far, and to confirm that the items are all genuine. Regards HS Wong Posted on RudrakshaBeadSocietiesClub


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