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From : Suresh T, India
Date: March 2015
Subject : This has become a very realistic miracle cure for me
Country : India

Namaste Neetaji, Hope you are doing good by the grace of God. I thought that I could let you know that my diabetes has been under control after I have started drinking water immersed with 5 mukhi first in the morning. This has become a very realistic miracle cure for me that (my glucose meter is showing 4.7 mmoL or lesser early in the morning) I could not control this no matter how hard I tried with medication (metformin) and exercise!. Thanks & Regards, Suresh T.

From : Patita Pavana das Adhikary, USA
Date: July 2012
Subject : The surgery was a complete success
Country : USA

Our office recommended a certain Rudraksha combination from your office to a client because his wife was undergoing a risky surgery. Unfortunately, the beads were held up in USA customs. However, almost miraculously, the customs officials changed their minds and the beads arrived in time for the surgery. The surgery was a complete success and everyone is relieved. God works through strange ways and His workings are not understood by anyone. It is His choice to protect His votaries through His methods and it is for us to follow those methods as they are recommended in the holy Puranas. We shall continue to endeavor to always see the miraculous hand of the Lord even in the simplest of His ways, in the simple yet sacred Rudraksha beads He creates for the protection of those who shelter themselves at His lotus feet. Hare Krishna. Patita Pavana das Adhikary Mithuna Twiins Astrological Services.

From : Maria Horta, USA
Date: April 2012
Subject : The rudraksha beads are beautifull
Country : USA

I would like to say thank you to Neetaji for her advice,as i feel much better in my health and more emotional balanced.The rudraksha beads are beautifull,also the boxes and they arrive on time,its amazing.Many thanks to all the rudra centre team.Blessings. Maria Horta

From : Shankar Bhat, Chennai, Chennai, INDIA
Date: October 2011
Subject : He stopped taking medicines for BP and Cholestrol
Country : Chennai, INDIA

From: Shankar bhat Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 2:50 PM To: rudrakshabeadsocietiesclub@yahoogroups.com Subject: RBSC: Rudraksha- low blood pressure Hello, One of my friend who has got blood pressure, cholestrol and diabeties has been taking rudraksha water daily starting with empty stomach inthe morning. After 4 months he told me that his BP is normal, Cholestrol is normal. He stopped taking medicines for BP & Cholestrol!!!. I have 2 Rudraksh trees of nepal origin. I had given him some 5 mukhi\\\'s. Shankar Bhat

From : Lisa beeput, Texas, USA, USA
Date: February 2011
Subject : Am no longer dizzy again
Country : USA

Hi, Miss Neeta Your beads are doing wonders for me. Am no longer dizzy again, my hair was falling it slightly stop. And I just start wearing just couple of days, so I can imagine more to come in 45days. It seems that I was out of balance. But this wonderful bead put me back on track. I shall say to you many many thanks miss neeta for recommend it to me. Cause I have spent thousand of dollars on gems, ring they do nothing for me. But thank god I finally getting over the most difficult one which is the dizziness. Thanks again peace. Lisa beeput

From : Gopinathan Ponmanadiyil, Ontario, Canada, CANADA
Date: January 2011
Subject : Today I do not have cholestrol or Sugar
Country : CANADA

Namaste Neetaji I would like to share a recent experience for me with Rudraksha. I was a Cholestrol and Sugar patient for the last 5- 6 six years. Every 6 months doctor asks me to take the blood test to see whether any progress after changing the diet and exercise. We have not seen any change in the cholestrol and sugar level when we did the test in May 2010 even after changing the diet and disciplined exercise and it was increasing every year. Doctor was really worried and ready to prescribe Lipitor. As far as I know when someone starts taking Lipitor means they have to take it for life. I started wearing Rudraksha and drinking soaked 5 mukhi water every morning since August 2010 after my Aura session and recommendation from you. Again I had the check up in December 2010 and here comes the miracle and wonder. Today I do not have cholestrol or Sugar . Enclosed are the two blood work report for you to vouch. Doctor is amazed to see the progress in me and asked me to share my experience with her. Neetaji , today I am the happiest person on earth. Rudraksha took care of my health and I do not have words to describe. Please share this with other people and if any one wants to hear the experience directly from me please share my email address. All this happened because of your knowledge and experience, thank you million times, what ever I am experiencing today is priceless. Health is everything!! Thank you again from the bottom of our heart. Gopinathan Ponmanadiyil gopinathanp@rogers.com

From : Gregory Vozar
Date: June 2005
Subject : What an aura of power emanates from these rudraksha beads
Country :

Dear Neetaji, Namaste. Thank you for your message. I received the wonderful Rog Nivaran mala several days after your e-mail. What an aura of power emanates from these rudraksha beads! I have only worn the mala twice so far, and it definitely affects all aspects of mind and body. I had been trying to decide on whether to purchase the Durga Shatki bracelet or Durga Kavach when you added this mala to your website. My mind was made up instantly. It seemed to meet all my needs. Thank you again for the mala and making these items available to those of us living outside India. Without you Internet shop, rudraksha of this quality would be very difficult to obtain. Sincerely, Greg Vozar


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Health has different meanings for all of us. We either hit the gym and work out for hours at a stretch or follow a strict diet system or practice yoga. Some of us also wear Rudraksha as an alternative health therapy. Rudraksha works on balancing our Chakras. A disease is nothing but an unnatural state in the body that happens because of severe blockage of Chakra for a long time. Blood sugar imbalance or diabetes happens due to blockage of Manipura Chakra that is located on the navel of our body. When we are sensitive to criticism, feel powerless and lack the ability to show our powers during interactions, our Manipura Chakra tends to get blocked. Manipura Chakra is the seat of the Sun where we rise and shine. Read More...