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From : Shilpa, India
Date: September 2014
Subject : Wonderful service
Country : India

Recieved your product today .. Beautifully packed and along with it came a beautiful purse to keep the japa mala .. Wonderful service ... Very impressed and happy

From : Aurelie Freilinger, UK
Date: March 2012
Subject : Items are very nice
Country : UK

Hi ! I just wanted to thank you for my order ! The green thread of the rudraksha mala is perfect, items are very nice and I received my package very fast !! :) Thank you !!

From : Shankar, India
Date: October 2009
Subject : The malas should come with a warning label as to how powerful they really are
Country : India

Agastya, Well, I just came to know, through personal experience, several interesting things: 1.  The mala's from Rudra-Centre are indeed every bit as powerful as I had heard prior to ordering! When I first found their site I posted an inquiry about the quality and efficacy of their products. I got a lot of responses -- including from Alakesh, who buys stuff from them. All the responses were very positive. One person even told me that the mala's should come with a warning label as to how powerful they really are! In my order was a free 108 Rudraksha bead mala; which I used for the first time just now. The flow of energy was very intense. 2.  So are the Yantras! I used the mala to give 108 to the Vaibhav Lakshmi yantra. That yantra represents, and passes the energy of, all 8 of Lakshmi's different forms. By the time I had finished about 80 "OM Maa VaibhavaLakshmi Swaahaa"'s the image on the yantra started to rise out of the plate in 3D! and it stayed that way for a while after I finished! Its flat again now. This experience really drove home the significance of the 3D version of the Shree Yantra!! I'll let you know what happens with the others... Shank�r

From : Matthew, USA
Date: June 2009
Subject : Thank you for selling these Rudraksha beads on the internet
Country : USA

Many thanks for the last order of Rudraksha beads, they were very beautiful.  The gifts were very thoughtful and greatly appreciated and will be a blessing at this home. The custom Sadhana mala, is working very well, I always go into samadhi in a few minutes, and have only had two meditations when I shook. I wish to thank you for selling these Rudraksha beads on the internet, and hope you will continue to sell these rare and valuable beads. I can only says what is in my heart..... Om Namah Shivaya...   OM Matthew

From : Sree Antari
Date: April 2008
Subject : Very pleased with your service
Country :

Dear Neeta Ji, Namaste! I would like to thank you and everyone at Rudraksha Ratna for Rudraksha recommendation and sending me personalized mala. I am very pleased with your service and looking forward to my future purchases at Rudraksha Ratna. Thank you again from bottom of my heart Sree Antari

From : Kartik Shrimankar
Date: September 2004
Subject : Make customer happy
Country :

TO, DharmaDev Arya Thank you for replying me. today i have received my mala. it is very beautifull. i will start wearing from monday. your company and each people dedication make customer happy like me. very on time delivery and emails. thank you once again. If i have any question i will ask you later. Take Care Now. Kartik Shrimankar.

From : Laini
Date: February 2004
Subject : The negative influences are already abating
Country :

Dear DharmaDev, The 7 Mukhi malas arrived yesterday (2/23/04). I interviewed for a better teaching position on that day and was hired into the position. I had also order sandal paste about 3 weeks ago, had not received it, and was told the shipment had been delayed. I received it on the same day the malas arrived. My friend was thrilled with her mala, and I was able to offer incense and sandal paste to my mala. I meditated with the mala and wore it today (2/24/04). Considering I had two IEP meetings and a Change of Placement meeting for a student who had committed battery on a teacher, I was able to remain calm, centered, and lovingly focussed so that the IEP team was able to place the student in the most appropriate educational setting --- we kept him at our center and placed him with a caring teacher in a self-contained classroom rather than sending him to a more restrictive behavioral center. It's a win, win situation for the student. I can't tell you how happy I am with this mala. The negative influences are already abating. It's exactly what I and my friend needed. Laini

From : Kishore Mungroo
Date: December 2003
Subject : HapyNewYear2004
Country :

Aum Namah Shivaya Namaste NeetaJi Accept my wish for a very happy new year 2004.I thank you and Shiva for the spiritual path of life you've showed me.The chanting of the Beeja Mantras every day during 45 minutes has nearly aproached me to GOD.If I haven't got my Rudraksh Mala by your intermediary I would not have lived all these wonderful experiences that everyday I'm living.Thank you again and may God bless you with all the goodneses Kishore Mungroo , Mauritius

From : Kishore
Date: December 2003
Subject : I was wrong in doubting its power
Country :

Neeta ji namaste I have again started to enjoy the energy of my Mala,I was wrong in doubting its power. Concerning the benefit which am getting/feeling you asked me not to show my Mala then will it no be considered as egoism? Should not the power of Shiva be shared so as to let others to benefit.? regards

From : Valerie
Date: September 2003
Subject : I woke up in the morning to find myself pain free
Country :

Dear Friends, With the guidance of Darma Dev and Miss Neeta, I recently purchased a Rudraksha necklace from the Rudra Centre in order to address a health issue that has plagued me for several years. I've suffered from chronic jaw pain, headaches and related neck and upper back pain for over three years. I've tried many different treatments but nothing has worked. I stumbled upon the Rudra Centre web site and almost immediately felt drawn to the Rudraksha beads. After sending an enquiry on their web site, I purchased the necklace suggested to me by Darma Dev and Miss Neeta. The necklace contained the following: 3 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal x 2 beads 5 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal x 2 beads 6 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal x 2 beads 7 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal x 2 beads 8 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal 9 mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal Making in silver with small seven mukhis as a beautiful complete necklace with silver spacers. I have now worn the necklace for about 30 days and have had interesting results. My pain levels seem to have gone back and forth from very, very, good to very very bad. It's the good I'd like to relate. One day in June, I woke up in the morning to find myself pain free! I woke up, moved, opened my mouth and I felt nothing. I don't know if you can understand the joy I felt when I suddenly remembered that, yes, there was a time when I could move freely and feel no pain at all and that it was possible to feel that way again. The treatments I've followed all require a great deal of work on my part. I have to do many exercises, stretches, and constant vigilance about my posture, stress levels, meditation and the like. The necklace I have been wearing has been a source of comfort to me during this many times painful work, so much so that I miss it when I don't have it on. Since I can't wear the necklace at night, with the help of the Rudra Centre, I hope to get something I can wear during the night as well because I just prefer having the beads with me. There are other stories - too many to relate here. I still have a ways to go but I thought that relating this experience might be helpful to someone. I'll try to let you know about my progress if it's of interest. I'm just very grateful to Darma Dev and Miss Neeta and this club for being so patient with me and with all of my questions. Best wishes to you all and prayers for your good health and happiness always. Valerie


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The Sanskrit word 'japa' means chanting a mantra repetitively or repetitive recital of mantra. Japa also means meditation performed with the focus on an object of divinity. A mala is a spiritual rosary used for chanting on its beads while doing the rounds of Japa. All the spiritualists, meditators, saints and sages always carry their mala wherever they go as these personalities ardently devote themselves to the regular mantra japa meditation and for that, they constantly need their mala. Read More..