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From : Charlotte
Date: March, 2018
Subject : Charlotte
Country :

Thank you very much for so fast delivery I'm impressed so quick arrived! I'm not at home but in a little trip this days until next week but I made an arrangement with my housemate for her to pick up the parcel and it was delivered without any problem. So it's at home waiting for me and I can't wait to get home and see it! It's a wonderful lovely Chikna mala.I will buy more to Rudra Center for sure! It's the only site I'm sure these are true beads, not fakes ones like in other sites.A friend from Sweden recommended me Rudra Center as he already bought you several expensive malas, and I'm immensely gratefully for this recommendation.Thank you for your exceptional service. I'll recommend you to anyone wanting to buy your products.And soon I'll buy more too :) All my love. Namaste.Charlotte.

From : Harish Trivedi, Mumbai, India
Date: August 2012
Subject : They are par excellence
Country : Mumbai, India

Dear Neetaji & Staff: As always I received your package on most auspicious time Monday 9AM on a ekadashi. The arm bracelet and kanth mala combination are very nicely made. The careful packing and attached individual instruction labels were par excellence, even a 10 year old can make out how to wear and care for the Rudrakshs. And thank you once again for the most wonderful gift, and Rudraksh book. Thanking you, Sincerely Harish Trivedi

From : Vijay Maharaj, Bangalore, INDIA
Date: August 2012
Subject : I am overcoming my fears
Country : Bangalore, INDIA

Dear Neetaji, First of all I want to thank you so much for all your recommendations!. I started wearing the Rudraksha bracelet you recommended along with the wisdom pendant. I have only worn them for a week and I notice such great changes. I feel more confident, and my negative thoughts have reduced. Sometimes I dont even understand why I have such thoughts but I know it will all go away. I am always shy about speaking and I just never feel I am a good speaker but slowly I noticed I am overcoming my fears! I feel so blessed for being able to wear these rudrakshas! Thank you so much. Thanks Vijay Maharaj

From : Lantz, USA
Date: November 2011
Subject : Thank you for being a serious instrument in my spiritual life
Country : USA

Ms. Neetaji, I wanted to thank you all for what you have done for me! I received my package from you today... and am elated with what you have done with my Rudraksha beads. I love the arm bands. I have never worn anything like it before and wasn\\\'t really sure if I could get into it. But I gave it a shot... and I love them... they already feels like apart of me. I also thank you for returning part of my other beads and crystal back as a necklace. That really made me happy. And I love the large Rudraksha bead on a long necklace. I so appreciate all your efforts in giving me the maximum magical effects for each piece. This piece and my bracelets proved to me that you did that. I loved that all of my beads were numbered. You prescribed the original necklace for me from my astrological information... and I so appreciate that you have broken this down into pieces that could even offer me greater spiritual and metaphysical benefits. And as far as my other purchases... I am so excited about wearing my Parad bead. It\\\'s many benefits has stirred my interest. I also love my Tulsi mala. Over the years I have thought of you daily on a daily basis as I placed my Rudrakshas around my neck each morning. I will continue to do so... but you\\\'ve now given me reason to do it more. I bless all that you do! Thank you for being a serious instrument in my spiritual life. You and your products have only caused my thoughts to be focused on GOD. What nobel-er service could you offer. Thank you for your service... and I pray that GOD blesses all that you do, touch or dream. Lantz de Contreras

From : Srinivas, INDIA
Date: September 2011
Subject : The top most expert on the planet
Country : INDIA

Dear Neeta Ji, Thankyou for the wonderful Bracelets and Rudraksha. You have a good team and service is so good, no wonder why you have centres across the globe. I am greatful that I could get the beads from the top most expert on the planet. Sure you would have shared your success secret with Dhoni to lift the World Cup as you are Champion for the world of Rudrakshas.I will surely refer Rudraksha Ratna for genuine and quality Rudraksha beads. Thanks & Regards, Srinivas

From : Rajendra, UK, UK
Date: June 2011
Subject : Business doubled in 6 months
Country : UK

The Lakshmi and Ganesh bracelets are really very good and energies are complementary to Rudraksha. However unlike Rudraksha the beneficial effect stop the moment you stop wearing them. My bracelets started working amazingly well. It takes almost 40-60 days to get full effect. Now they have the ability to alter malefic planet effects as per transit astrology. Previous I was getting effected with those. Business doubled in 6 months. Had new partners Etc. It is truly the BEST discovery thus far. Rajendra, UK

From : GG, Los Angeles, California, California, US
Date: August 2010
Subject : The rudrakshas had dissolved that past life sorrow
Country : California, US

Dear Neetaji, I have been wearing rudrakshas on and off for almost 12 years. But just about two years ago I found out about Rudra Center and ordered two three-mukhi wrist malas for myself. I chose the three mukhi because of both astrological reasons as well as symptomatic reasons. Much of my decision to wear them was based upon reading the Puranas. I wore one wrist mala on each wrist for 4 months, taking them off only to shower. I would repeat panchakshara when taking them off and again while putting them on but mostly I just wore them and kept up with my other practices. I have always had feelings of guilt, regret and shame but not for anything in particular. I\\\'m a pretty good guy for the most part. After 4 months I noticed that I just didn\\\'t have any bad feelings about myself anymore. It was an amazing thing to realize that the rudrakshas had dissolved that past-life sorrow, just as the Siva Purana said it would. I had worn rudrakshas for many years but never realized their power until acquiring them from Rudra Centre. I now distribute them to clients and friends and have seen demonstrable differences occur in people\\\'s lives. GG in Los Angeles, California

From : Matthew Slater, USA
Date: June 2009
Subject : They were very high quality and very blessed
Country : USA

Neeta, I recieved the Rudraksha Malas you sent me and other items. I am very pleased, they were very high quality and very blessed, they were so powerful at first it felt overwhelming, compared to the other Rudraksha I had bought from stores and energized with mantra.   Thanks again   Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Sarwa Mangalam Om Namah Shivaya

From : Gohar, INDIA
Date: April 2010
Subject : Thank you for bringing India to me
Country : INDIA

Namaste, I have just received my order and i have to tell you there are no word for how happy and grateful i am for all you have done for me my Mala is out of this world that's how beautiful it is and my ring is absolutely Georges and all the other items you have send me i wish one day i come to India and meet you in person. I had my Aura and Chakra therapy done with Neeta ji and she was so amazing and helpful thank you and also had my first session of Cosmic healing done i have never felt better i can not wait till all my sessions are done so i can try Ascension 2012. You know i always knew that i should go to India for my healing, but couldn't afford it, Thank you for bringing India to me. I am so blessed to have found you. May you always be blessed. Love Gohar

From : Coby Gordon, USA
Date: October 2008
Subject : I will treasure it my whole life
Country : USA

Dear Rudra Team: I have just received the rudraksha necklace you made for me and I'm speechless. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen; I feel like it's something that has "come home" to me. Thank you so very very much for putting such care into making this for me; you did a  wonderful job and I will treasure it my whole life!!! The addition of the pearls was a lovely surprise and makes it look like an even more particularly fine piece. It was also so very kind of you to include the book (which is very helpful and informative) and the smaller rudraksha mala! So I hope you know how sincere I am in telling you how grateful I am for all you've done. This is something I will always remember. Love, Coby Gordon


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Wrist Mala Rudraksha neck mala is highly important for gaining the blessings of Lord Shiva and aiding the neurophysiology of the body. However the wrist should take precedence when one seeks Moksa or liberation. In the Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, 11th Skand, Chapter IV, Parts 1 to 21, there is a sequence of wearing mentioned that includes wearing the holy Rudraksha on the wrist specifically to gain Moksa. Read More..