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From : Anonymous, UK
Date: July 2016
Subject : Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy - Guaranteed Solutions
Country : UK

Dear Neetaji   I have received my order a few weeks back and can't thank you enough. Thank you very much again for the yantras. I can feel the energy radiating and can't stop admiring the Mahalaxmi yantra. The first day I wore the rudraksha bracelet and pendant it was a Tuesday. I could feel the energy. I felt light and could not stop smiling the whole day. In a few days I noticed that my confidence increased and my fear of losing my job vanished. I realised that I deserve better. I lost my job 2 days back but when I walked out I felt free. Although it did hurt as I've worked there for years. I feel positive that there are better things going to come my way. My daughter has been wearing her rudraksha and I can see lot of improvement in her skin condition and overall health and personality. I really thank god for guiding me to your services. I also noticed that in your recommendation email the attachment for exercise to remove negative energy twice a day is missing. Greatful if it can be sent again. The Sudarshana Gayathri mantra is amazing and the day I recite it 108 times I feel really good. I can't wait for things to settle a bit and to place my next order with you. Thank you again and God bless you and your team. Om Namah Shivaya. Anonymous, UK

From : Margareta, UK
Date: August, 2015
Subject : I am more optimistic and fi ding my old energy again
Country : UK

Hllo,  Namaste,  Dear Mrs Neeta Singhal and colleagues,  Many thanks for the items sent! Effective and the Yantras are beautifully made. I havent tried the mukhi beads till now, and already I am more optimistic and fi ding my old energy again!I used to be far more confident, but after many, many problems, I had a bit of an emotio al bashing,.My dear 2nd husband died of cancer, although we had ahealthy lifestyle, and I was ill, with a lump in my breast Ater that a friend died in a fire and I had a lot of vandalism at my former address, yet was leading a quiet life, not causing trouble. My mother fell ill, after many years of being partly disabled and my sister tuened against me.My first husband died 3-4 years ago, and our daughter turned against me.This has improved, but not quite to the happy mum and daughter that we were.I have other children and gramdchildrenall doing well.and even so, the eldest girl is, also.In the past, I tried many talismans and have put these away.I had much faster result with your items.I have been meditating ober 21-23 years amd recently restarted yoga, which I did in the past.I also keep fit by long walks and swimming.The meditation has helped me to be calm, but materially , my life is far worse.However, with ypur items,I think I have found a better way forward.In the past, I have had some success in music and am a professionally-trained singer-also worked in alternative therapies.I am partly retired at the moment, but would like to do more with my life.I do feel I amnow in touch with the right people.

From : Sita, London, UK
Date: August 2012
Subject : RudraCentre is the best
Country : London, UK

Good evening to Rudra Centre, Thank you for your email, but a very special Thank you for posting the parcel, I received it today from DHL. I am so happy with all the items I ordered from you. I must say I am very impressed with your Impeccable service at Rudracentre, All your products are amazing, keep up the high standards you are giving all your customers. RUDRACENTRE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Best Wishes from London, Sita

From : Harish Kumar, INDIA
Date: November 2008
Subject : Makes your firm No 1 in INDIA and also on the Internet
Country : INDIA

Dear Ms Neeta, Namaskar, I  received my ordered yantras yesterday(8/11/2008). They are all in excellent condition and the packing is superb the yantras have a divine feel in them, I don't know of  any seller who is so prompt in quality  and  service  than  rudracentre that makes your firm No#1 in INDIA and also on the Internet. I wish all the people in your firm best wishes. Thank you Yours Truly Harish Kumar

From : Francis Joseph
Date: March 2008
Subject : Can you believe this
Country :

Namaste  Neeta ji , Thank you for the delivery as usual I received it in good time. Furthermore thanks for the additional shukra locket too!!! Ok now this may be a normal story for you. It goes like this 3 years ago when I came to America I made a friend Ravi a highly qualified software engineer who had ambitions but no backing his luck always seemed to run out in all his ventures due to monetary problems by not getting paid for his service, we stayed friends throught his misery. 15 days ago I sent him laximi kuber maha yantra as a gift which I got from you. Can you believe this, dues of $ 38,000 was sent by cheque in his mail!!!!! That did not end there, he got 3 calls from germany, all paid for and yesterday when he called me he confirmed he bagged all the 3 software orders. Today his wife called me saying his software company in Michagan bagged a huge order !!!! wow !! Again he called me today to thank me for the yantra and I thought I would convey his thanks rightfully to you. Now my only problem!! Will he have time to speak to me over an hour with this busy schedule of his !!!!! Neeta ji thanking you once more My warm regards to the rudra center team. Sincerely Francis Joseph

From : Elizabeth Whittington
Date: December 2005
Subject : What a delight
Country :

Hello, I received my order of yantras on Dec. 24. I just wanted to tell you what a delight it was to have such a nice package. Thank you for including the mala and the powder. Best Wishes for the New Year, Elizabeth Whittington

From : Natasha Guin
Date: October 2005
Subject : The house feels so much better
Country :

Dear Mrs Neeta, I just wanted to thank you very briefly for the wonderful Yantras. The energy is great and very beneficial, the house feels so much better. Also Thank you for the generous gifts, all the best, Natasha G.

From : Aimageane Aimageane
Date: April 2005
Subject : I got a job and now got offered a permanent position
Country :

:) Thank you!! i received the yantras just now, the postman dropped it off our front door.. Dear Neetaji, Blessings to you! Neetaji, thank you very much.....you are the best!!! more power to the work that you do!!! I got a job and now got offered a permanent position through prayers and the help of the yantras I ordered from you..thank so much!!! I will definitely make plans to visit India soon and visit you guys someday and thank you personally...thank you....thank you thank you... Best wishes and more business to you, Sincerely, Aileen.

From : Mr. Usha Kiran
Date: October 2003
Subject : To wear Rudraksha due to the merits earned in their past lives
Country :

Dear All, I have received my package containing my personal mala, Shri Yantra, Sphatik Shivling & right hand Conch shell, with the complimentary cassetes and books, on 30th June. I am extremely happy to receive the same and fully satisfied with my order. I wish to share my joy with you all as I consider myself as a part of Rudra family. In April first week, I happened to see an advertisement in the TV regarding Shri Yantra marketed by a company in Mumbai. I was impressed and paid nearly $ 60.00, and asked them to deliver the same to India. When I finally got it after waiting for weeks, I was so disappointed and felt cheated, as the Shpatik Shri Yantra which was sent was hardly of 1.5 cm size, the triangles and corners were not at all well defined. Then I sent a message in a spiritual group asking for the availability of Shri Yantra and I was guided by Shri Janardhan Kalianad Baba to Rudra Centre. When I went to the website, I was astonished at the availability of so many items and above all, strangely attacted towards Rudraksha. There was no doubt in my mind about the genuineness of items available and I could really feel the vibrations Divine energy, whenever I logged on. This is, I am sure, due to the sincerity of the people involved in the Rudra Centre, only to promote spirituality and welfare of fellow beings who approach them. And I placed my order on 25th June. I am so very happy with what I have received. And my special thanks and appreciation to Ms. Neetaji, for her helpful replies and prompt delivery of my order. I was even sent a picture of my mala for approval before shipping. Lastly, I strongly feel that Lord Shiva himself guides people to the right place when the time comes in their life to wear Rudraksha due to the merits earned in their past lives. I strongly recommend Rudra Centre for anyone who wants to buy genuine beads. Aum Namah Shivaya Mr. Usha Kiran


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