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From : Jacob B, USA
Date: October, 2017
Subject : The power of the fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha has been profound in my life
Country : USA

Hello Neeta!I'm happy to say the power of the fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha has been profound in my life. In truth I was a bit skeptical about the true effect of the Rudraksha therapy, but to my pleasant surprise, this single Rudraksha has been able to heal many issues I have been dealing with. I feel it much easier to let go of disappointments and betrayals, this freeing up a huge amount of energy to direct else ware. The spiritual work I am doing with clients has never been better. They hear what I am saying with better clarity since using this Rudraksha. This has been a life changing event and I thank you. I am now ready to commit to the rest of the rudrakshas you suggested.In health and gratitude,Jacob B, USA

From : Anna. P., India
Date: May 2017
Subject : I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you
Country : India

Dear Neeta, I trust all is well with you. I wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. I have valued your advise. I've been wearing my bracelet and 15 mukhi pendant constantly and I am starting to feel the benefits. I think the most obvious is that my fear is dissipating and although I still have bursts of anxiety and worry about how things will happen as it seems to be an uphill struggle, I am immediately relieved with a knowledge that all will be well. I feel healthier and more trustful and at peace with the universe. I believe the other benefits will unfold and the rudrakshas will help with my other issues.Thanks again.Annapurna.

From : Gina
Date: January 2008
Subject : 15 mukhi occupies place of honor on the altar
Country :

I would like to share a personal experience and testimony, what occurred while wearing a 15 mukhi rudraksha. Now surely I know the Lord takes pity on those of us who have no Guru to access, but who show reverence and listen for the guidance of Upaguru. I live with a family member who can be very difficult; all of my attempts to respond to his argumentative nature were futile. I enlisted the advice of professionals, and followed their suggestions with no relief. One day, upon investigating an odd tapping noise outside, he and I saw a Mockingbird furiously attacking the side mirrors on each vehicle in the driveway. (3 vehicles with 2 mirrors each) This bird literally flew to each mirror, pecked at it with rage,and proceeded to the next mirror until all 6 mirrors had been thus attacked. He would retire for a few minutes, then begin this mirror-rampage all over again. I wondered aloud if this tiny bird had lost its mind, and the family member speculated that perhaps the bird had a nest nearby and was defending it.  The family member went inside, and before I could do likewise, I was overwhelmed by a force that kept me in place, while an infusion was given to me...an insight beyond my intuitive musings or discursive reflection. It was as if another voice was illustrating to me," You see now...this is an analogy for your situation. This mockingbird, in his ignorance, sees HIS OWN reflection in the mirrors, and erroneously believes it to be another bird, a bird that threatens him and hence he feels the need to attack. Likewise do people in their ignorance behave. Laboring under the illusion of Maya, people cannot discern that there is no genuine separation...when you see another, you see your own reflection. An attack upon you by another amounts to nothing more than an extension of that persons fear by what they imagine is another person posing a threat. A threat that exists only in their imagination, as there is no distance between his spirit and yours. And just like the bird gained nothing from his efforts but a sore beak and headache, so do people accomplish nothing but harming themselves when they extend anything other than love towards any sentient being." The profundity was amazing! In one nanosecond, all the ideas intellectually learned became a personal Truth vibrating within; suddenly, the laws of Karma and many adages uttered by the sages and Masters throughout time transformed into my own personal knowledge by direct infusion. Now my understanding was a living truism, albeit it remains difficult for me to articulate all that was infused in one instant. A few weeks later, the mala of my 15 mukhi rudraksha broke, and every  effort to repair proved to be of limited duration. Even the clasp of solid gold will break without any logical explanation, the metal comes apart as if snipped with wire-cutters. I can only conclude that the bead served its purpose in stepping-up the vibratory rates of my brain and improving the lateral thinking which enabled me to receive this great gift of infused insight, knowledge and understanding. The 15 muki now occupies place of honor on the altar. I want to thank RR for the rudraksha, and of course I celebrate life and without effort extend love and gratitude to the Lord for lifting me to a whole new level. In case you are wondering, when I ceased to struggle with the egos involved in the dynamics of family relationship, both mine and the family member involved, all friction summarily stopped. There is no longer any need for me to defend...there was no attack, except as it existed in the distorted minds of us both..and we both are one...how can the unity of ONE entail conflict? It cannot. Om Nama Shivaya BOM BOM Gina


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